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14h29 UTC; SUNDAY, 10 JUNE 2012: So let's get on with it already:
  • As if the conservative prolefeed legacy of anti-Communist paranoia in prolefeed form wasn't rather obnoxious enough (especially back when the John Birch Society was holding carnival for their "patriotic" depravities in the name of "anti-Communism"), along comes word that such elements may try to use Indecision 2012 to provoke outright class warfare--replete with the same ideological language and related nuances their sworn enemies used in their prolefeed via Radio Moscow and, in its day, COMINFORM (whose magazine went by the rather wordy title of For a Lasting Peace, For a People's Democracy!).
  • How do we know the corporate "sugar daddies" behind the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, and perhaps the movement proper in its several permutations (notably Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Express) aren't really in Unholy and Dangerous Alliance with the so-called "Church of Scientology" vis-a-vis the development of PsyOps and "Fair Game" prolefeed techniques for the "winning of hearts and minds" among the masses in Indecision 2012? (It appears such tactics may now be just starting to emerge when it comes to Corporate AmeriKKKa's involvement through front groups like the so-called "AmeriKKKan Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity" and the AmeriKKKan Petroleum Institute's, for starters.)
    (Worth watching for: The possible, and at once discreet, use of subliminal messaging, and attempts to avoid Federal prosecution therefor; subliminal marketing techniques are considered misleading and, hence, against public interest.)
  • It's no wonder our supposedly "morally superior" public-education system is as faltering as it is (cf. the ads for ExxonMobil's National Maths and Science Project calling out American education for such low rankings on standardised maths and science tests against other countries): The Christian Right just can't wait for the right moment to push for legal action challenging the constitutionality of free public education to use same for pushing a homeschooling syllabus modelled on apartheid South Africa's official Christian National Education syllabus, emphasising Traditional Values in bumper-sticker slogan form over core skills to further undermine socioeconomic prosperity and rescue, and in its turn worsen socioeconomic disparity to the point of excusing such as Serving God and Country.
  • Watch for especially "Tea Party" and other hyper-conservative groups trying to stifle real or suspected critics of their agenda and related articles of faith through the use of state mental-hygiene laws and/or Section 6 of the Sherman Antitrust Act 1890 (prohibiting business combinations or suchlike behaviour seen as "interfering with interstate or foreign commerce") as end runs around State and Federal laws banning SLAPP (Selective Lawsuit Against Public Participation) lawsuits, which such actions obviously could be--howbeit disguised to maximise "persecution" and "victimhood" prolefeed potential (until the courts see through such stunts and dismiss same as being frivolous, vexatious, tortious and/or bordering on Malicious Prosecution.
    (And come to think of it: How many complaints to the Better Business Bureau over deceptive advertising and/or business practices have ultimately resulted in lawsuits under the aforementioned Section 6 against complainants as were not subsequently dismissed?)
  • So much for fresh right-wing atrocity prolefeed about "death threats" against Wisconsin Governor Scott "Mandate of Heaven" Walker in reprisal for surviving last Tuesday's recall vote through trick or deceit: Has anybody (especially at the FBI) considered where same may actually some class of a "false flag" inside job within the Walker Administration's "inside of the inside" to distract public attention from the clear and present prospect of any indictments against him via the John Doe Investigation being formally unsealed within measurable distance?
  • Finally, an Adventure in Critical Thought as encourages your thinking carefully, avoiding overdone emotion or snap judgments throughout, about Who is the REAL Patriot here: The businessman whose idea of "jobs creation" is giving the "Tea Party" aid and comfort (financial as much as moral) to push prolefeed about "jobs creation" ... or the businessman actually taking a viable and proactive stance on jobs creation, actually creating good-paying stateside jobs as much as a viable and positive workplace? (Watch for more of these in coming weeks.)
Well, suckers?

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