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14h28 UTC; SUNDAY, 29 APRIL 2012: Is it just me, or are those among the K Street crowd seeking to force the Postal Service to embrace the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" to maintain its competitive viability (never mind such essentially excusing contempt for the "REAL AmeriKKKa" such Zealots and True Believers claim to be the guardians and conscience of, with Fox News Channel and Fox Business being their prolefeed parrots for the most part) really calling for the USPS to embrace a "forced matrix" business model similar to so-called "multi-level marketing" schemes as tend to the Ponzi model (especially when structured to favour building downline over sale of products or services vis-a-vis income and wealth creation)?

Besides, would the Universal Postal Union actually accept the "forced matrix" as a valid business model among member postal administrations?


(Mis)adventures in Doublethink: With petroleum companies reporting record profits as are more than enough for them to start drawing (or, for that matter, learning to draw) on their own resources vis-a-vis operations, why do they still whine about the need special tax benefits like crybabies?

Stop me if you've heard this story: The winner of a prize contest sponsored by Carnation Evaporated Milk (this would have been before Carnation was acquired by Nestle in 1985) to find the catchiest verse therefor entered a specimen that couldn't be used in advertising because of the language therein used ( explains for you the legend behind this one, as well as some examples of the raunchy schoolyard verses unofficially promoting The Milk From Contented Cows, as was Carnation's longtime slogan).

Especially considering where the name itself was inspired by a display of Carnation "seegars" in the window of a Seattle cigar shop that the company's founder, Elbridge Amos Stuart (himself a grocer by trade), passed by one day, and thought it absurd that "Carnation" would be a brand name for cigars as opposed to his new evaporated milk, itself processed by methods developed by one John Meyenberg, a Swiss-born immigrant. (For the record, evaporated milk is basically your typical cow's milk with about half the water removed; sweetened condensed milk, as is sometimes confused with evaporated milk, has sugar blended into the milk prior to evaporation.

(And the main reason behind the creation of evaporated and sweetened condensed milks was because safe supplies of pure, wholesome cow's milk before pasteurisation was common, about a century or so back, were a farce. Sweetened condensed milk was the brainchild of Gail Borden, who was moved to develop it in 1853 on a rough trans-Atlantic sea voyage between Liverpool and New York as had babies crying wholesale for want of safe milk and the cow on board died from the effects of the voyage precluding its being able to produce milk; in time, such would be widely recommended to mothers as were weaning their infants towards solid food.

(But then again, Nestle has had some experience with condensed milk before it acquired Carnation, howbeit in Europe, Africa and Asia for the most part, with its Milkmaid and Ideal brands; those being produced by the Borden process, but without sugar being added beforehand. The Meyenberg process, as would be adopted by Carnation and rival Pet, was basically an improvement on the original Borden such translating into a richer finished product.)


Staying with the old evaporated milk for the nonce, the English English colloquialism "milking the cow with a spanner" refers to opening a can ("tin," as they'd say trans-Atlantic) of evaporated milk. Which had Your Correspondent imagining radio actor Walter Tetley, in his whiny hyperjuvenile voice (itself the byproduct of a glandular disorder) as was at once snarky (as in Leroy Forrester on The Great Gildersleeve and grocery boy Julius Abruzziuo on Phil Harris and Alice Faye), remarking when asked what he was doing "I'm milking the cow with a spanner; whaddya think I was doing?!" in his typical smart-aleck stylee.


Beautiful Downtown Vaduz, the capital city of the vest-pocket Principality of Liechtenstein, was never as crazy as it's been of late, what with reports therefrom suggesting that its hereditary monarch, His Serene Highness Prince Hans Adam, is considering abdication should it happen that a proposed ballot plebiscite amending the Principality's constitution to revoke the Prince's veto power over ballot plebiscites and parliamentary proceedings actually passes.

Some wags are saying that the plebiscite is basically payback for the prince's vetoing a plebiscite a few years back allowing abortion therein.


Can Entrecard manage to hold out much longer in its current form and fashion, what with blogs as are little more than "copy-and-paste" boilerplate articles (or, in some extreme instances, "bot"-generated) seeming to crowd out such with original, quality content, the sort seeing in Entrecard a Mark of Quality in Teh Greater Blogospheerz (Your Correspondent included)?

(Especially considering a want of action when it comes to handling complaints, enforcement of the Terms of Service and Quality Guidance, even being lax in terms of the blogs it alloweth.)

In any case, the potentially developing rottenness of Entrecard may have to be enow for moi to consider switching to another halfway-decent traffic swap to try and help generate serious traffic (and, for that matter, attention, as if my attempt to generate notice in Facebook and the e-mail list wasn't good enough for the moment). Yourselves--?!

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