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00h02 UTC; MONDAY, 30 APRIL 2012: Belaguered Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker WILL get his "spontaneous job creation" ahead of his expected June 5th recall election--howbeit from the wrong sort of business, viz., "work-from-home" and "work online" scams secretly receiving funds from Governor Walker's dear and close drookies in Die Broers Koch to push a last-minoota blitz of "homework opportunities" as are designed (and willfully) to discourage serious due dilligence as would expose them to be the scams that they are, targeting as they do the vulnerable, the unskilled and such who cannot otherwise work in the community due to external issues.

(This could also include various "gifting club" scams packaged as a "new, people-centred social welfare," not to mention rehashings of "Aeroplane," "Pit Stop," "Dinner Party" and similar "games" willfully targeting the Badger State's Lower Classes.)


Expect Branson, the cultural conservative's ideal litmus test as a defining standard for Amerikanischer Leikultur (or so they think), to play a prominent role in explaining shock increases in domestic airfares thanks to the ongoing and overzealous consolidation of the airline industry which "Tea Party" types insist is "Natural Selection" as is essential to ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" (in other words, "the weakness of the cell is the vigour of the organism").

But which, in Reality, is nothing more than closed-door cabalistic "strategy meetings" whereby cartel behaviour in what remains of the airline industry--as in US Airways (especially should they manage to acquire American in its Luscious Glory of insolvency), Delta, United, Southwest, AirTran, Frontier, Spirit, Virgin America and PeoplExpress--can be fleshed out, developing all manner of trick and strategem to reduce capacity, control gate assignments at major airports (especially hubs like ATL, DFW, ORD, MDW, MIA, MCO, TPA, EWR, LGA, BOS, PHL, MSP, STL, DIA, SLC, LAX, SFO and SEA), control scheduling (especially at peak travel times) and set fares "by mutual consent," even where codesharing agreements come into the equation.

The whole sworn to secrecy, any and all notes being taken on highly-combustible "flashpaper" of the sort popular among illicit bookmakers (to destroy incrimminating evidence in case questions start being fleshed out) and all participants expected to deny any and all knowledge thereof under pain of Serious Consequences.

The venue therefor being none other than that super-legendary, and at once secretive, card key club in the older part of Branson, one not usually known among the tourists, known as Die Groß Säugling ("The Gross Suckling"), haunt of "Tea Party" and Christian Right policy and prolefeed enablers for to flesh out the latest in policy and strategems as can be further refined in "talking points" e-mails and newsletters, care being taken (or so expected) with regards to presentation, nuance and tone.


With intelligence suggesting that al-Qaeda, deprived of its mastermind Usama bin-Laden (killed off by Navy SEAL forces at his Pakistan residence one year ago Wednesday), may be too weak to carry out anything in the way of a 9/11-stylee Infamous Terrorist Attack (notwithstanding advice to law enforcement warning of the clear likelihood of "payback" attacks on American targets by al-Qaeda sympathisers and "lone wolves" on or close to the anniversary), you have to wonder whether some way-off-in-right-field third-party Presidential wannabe, in its Luscious Glory of a xenophobically jingoist platform and agenda, has designs on cooking up a "false flag"-model "terror attack" which can officially be blamed on "Muslim Extreemists" so as to prompt President Obama to declare a State of National Emergency excusing the suspension of the Constitution (or so the third-party's campaign memes would have it).

Only it turns out that the "terror attack" is carried out by outright "white trash" of the worst sort, dumb enough to deny any and all knowledge of what they're expected to do, knowing they'll get off scot-free in the end and under the protection of weird and unwholesome types offshore having known connexions with this most unlikely Presidential bid, complete with substantial tax-free incomes for the rest of their lives (conditional, know, on their keeping stoopid about the whole exercise until their dying day).

The prospect thereof needing to be watched all the more closely.

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