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18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 11 DECEMBER 2013: Exactly a fortnight now before Christmas, and we can still do without the Greater Conservative Prolefeed Distractive about a "war" thereon (especially when it seeks to push the trope of Thy Dear and Lovely Nation being a Once and Future Bible-Believing Christian Nation by His Holy and Sacred Will and Endowment).

And come to think of it, you have to wonder how many such behind this distractive trope really want to not so much destroy Thy Dear and Lovely Land, but destroy it with an eye towards recasting it in the "new shapes," as it were, right out of apartheid South Africa (and remember, the apartheid regime saw themselves as "Good Christians" all the more, that apartheid was one with Christian Love and Duty, and that the defence of its Volkskapitaliste model "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" required apartheid).

Yet want to take all steps possible to avoid letting slip openly the interconnexion.

And one of the more banal prolefeeders in this sham "War on Christmas," by name and stylee of former Alaska Governor and "Latter Rain" pseudoreligious Sarah Palin, has announced a deal with the Sportsman Channel to launch a new jingoist prolefeed misadventure from March as will be styled Amazing AmeriKKKa with Sarah Palin. The which, in any case, advertisers may want to have reservations on buying ad time on, especially considering the potentially jingo-sounding tone and nuance expected. (Her past prolefeed misadventure, Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC, was cancelled after eight episodes.)

Meanwhile, something the Zealots and True Believers in AmeriKKKan Cultural Supremacy
as a Sanctii Sanctorum of AmeriKKKan National Exceptionalism (especially when the so-called "music shows" of the 65616, especially such with subtle prolefeed exercises, are seen as the Defining Cultural Standard of Thy Dear and Lovely Land) may be bawling about needlessly: UNESCO is expected to consider a petition from the German government, launched by German brewers, seeking to declare as an Intangible Cultural Treasure its Beer Purity Law (Reinheightsgebot), vintage 1516, limiting beer to but four ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water.

For those wanting to know the specifics thereof, here's an English translation of the original German text:
We hereby proclaim and decree, by Authority of our Province, that henceforth in the Duchy of Bavaria, in the country as well as in the cities and marketplaces, the following rules apply to the sale of beer:

From Michaelmas to Georgi, the price for one Maß [Bavarian Liter 1,069] or one Kopf [bowl-shaped container for fluids, not quite one Maß
], is not to exceed one Pfennig Munich value, and

From Georgi to Michaelmas, the Maß shall not be sold for more than two Pfennig of the same value, the Kopf not more than three Heller [Heller usually one-half Pfennig].

If this not be adhered to, the punishment stated below shall be administered.

Should any person brew, or otherwise have, other beer than March beer, it is not to be sold any higher than one Pfennig per Maß.

Furthermore, we wish to emphasize that in future in all cities, markets and in the country, the only ingredients used for the brewing of beer must be Barley, Hops and Water. Whosoever knowingly disregards or transgresses upon this ordinance, shall be punished by the Court authorities' confiscating such barrels of beer, without fail.

Should, however, an innkeeper in the country, city or markets buy two or three pails of beer (containing 60 Maß) and sell it again to the common peasantry, he alone shall be permitted to charge one Heller more for the Maß of the Kopf, than mentioned above. Furthermore, should there arise a scarcity and subsequent price increase of the barley (also considering that the times of harvest differ, due to location), WE, the Bavarian Duchy, shall have the right to order curtailments for the good of all concerned.
Now you know.

Walmart's "Low Price Guarantee" seems to be but a "feel-good" PR exercise, especially considering that a disabled veteran out near Orlando as tried to use its "price match" device on a Thanksgiving turkey is now under a Banning Order from all Walmart locations from Mt. Katahdin to Mauna Loa, under pain of arrest for Unlawful Trespass.

Which prompts Your Correspondent to suggest that Walmart deserves a taste of its own medicine by seeking to challenge competitors with "price match" offers to match Walmart's prices in their weekly flyers (which, know, are essential to a price-match request at the checkout--not to mention having the exact same products advertised whose price you want challenged; clearance, percent-off and "BOGO" offers don't qualify; and, except in New Mexico, retailers reserve the right to limit quantities).

And One Thing More:
With the United States Treasury having lost some $10 billion on its investment in General Motors as per the auto-industry bailout of 2008-09 after selling the last of its shares therein this past week, you can imagine the overzealous True Believers in the implied interconnexion of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe to Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations (as implies that an attack on one concept is automatically seen as that of the other) calling for the concept (howbeit illogical) being given the Mere Formality of Constitutional Recognition "out of simple common sense."

But would it play in Peoria--or Lubbock, for that matter?

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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