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19h46 UTC; THURSDAY, 14 AUGUST 2014: Is it asking too much to suggest that only ons styl ekonomesie vryheid is best equipped to save the Lower Classes from themselves by virtue of such being "people-centred"--not to mention such being presented (preferably through trick and deception) in the context of a Divinely-Inspired Campaign of Reddingsdaad in the Afrikaner Stylee Whose One Foundation is Volkseenheid Being Channelled (or ought that be Manipulated, preferably through Subliminal Techniques) Into Helpmekaar Serving "REAL AmeriKKKa" towards Saving Same From Itself--especially when the targeted cannot be expected to make wise choices, guided solely by the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace cherished deeply and dearly by the Zealots and True Believers in such concepts and delusions, as translate into value for money based on the practical and the utilitarian rather than selfish vanity and vainglory that consumers will regret later on and consign to the jumble sale within measurable distance?

Which calls to mind the following specimen of wisdom from Oscar Wilde:

Metninks what passes for so-called "Reality TV" these days may be nothing but "wag-the-dog" distractives structured to mislead the Moronic Underworld into a false sense of security as diverts their attention from The Big Picture of socioeconomic displacement and harm conservative articles of faith have endowed upon them in the name of God and Country. Witness where several high-ranking Pennsylvania state officials, led by Governor Ed Rendell, are sending a letter to Discovery Networks calling out their continued presentation of the pseudo-Reality series Amish Mafia, which they insist presents a warped and fictional picture of the Amish peoples of Lancaster County as doesn't jibe with its Anabaptist-influenced theology by insisting that a super-secret "enforcer" squad operates to ensure conformity to Amish doctrine and belief.

For its part, Discovery Networks refuses comment.

In the meantime, what would preclude advertisers from just forsaking Amish Mafia and suchlike "Reality" shows of the worst possible sort?

Finally, talk about "the fox guarding the hen house," as it were:

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

Especially when it comes to these posts:

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