As in the amazing closeout values to be found at this link. for one.

17h27 UTC; FRIDAY, 15 AUGUST 2014: No wonder conservatives (particularly such from the "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" ideological streams) are as delusional as they come in their insistence on ons styl ekonomesie vryheid being the Last and Only Hope for Saving the Lower Classes (especially the Chronically- and Habitually-Dependent Upon the State) from Themselves--so long as such was presented as a Mission from God founded on the doctrines and principles of Reddingsdaad channelling the Volkseenheid of "REAL AmeriKKKa" ("poor whites" as can be easily manipulated, by and large) into a "spontaneous and mighty" ideal of Helpmekaar which, for one, calls on giving "till it hurts" to a so-called "Patriot Fund" as would leveage the masses' "idle monies" unto "productive capital" as would ensure, guarantee even, ekonomiese vryheid in ons tyd, vir alle tye as one with Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations Solely by the Goodness of His Grace and Favour.

The which may actually have a Fatal Flaw in the fact that the "REAL AmeriKKKans" they hope to rescue thereby lack any conscious knowledge of the mechanics of the very ekonomesie vryheid seen as their liberation and emancipation from "enslaving dependency upon State charity" beyond anti-Semitic platitudes and emotionally-driven appeals to the basest of patriotic feelings thus inherent, taking advantage of their limited education and intellect such as can be exploited to the extent necessary to mislead and confuse.

(I will acknowledge, reader, that the concept of
ekonomiese vryheid in ons tyd, vir alle tye was inspired by then-British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's referring to the Munich Pact of 1938 as being one with "peace in our time," only to stoke the flames as would explode into World War II within a year's time. Howbeit in Afrikaans, the better to give these same Zealots and True Believers a hard time of the worst sort possible.)

Which seems to be a byproduct of emotional abuse and PTSD; there are studies as confirm this.

If ever you wanted proof of just how perverto conservative delusions of "word power" can explode in the faces of its prolefeed epistles, consider where the widow of comedian Robin Williams, who Took the Other Way Out on Monday, has issued a statement explaining where Mr. Williams had just been diagnosed with an early form of Parkinson's disease, which can be enough to trigger feelings of depression and emotional spells.

And what's more, Williams was at a loss over how best to explain these developments without unduly offending or upsetting fans. (To put the rumours to rest, Meneer Williams was sober, although reports are emerging of past narcotics use.)

No wonder conservative prolefeeders are so over themselves about seeing language as a powerful tool for "winning over hearts and minds," unaware that such requires willful and conscious recourse to dogwhistle code, euphemism and outright manipulation of context and meanings to achieve such ends, and in a manner not unlike propagandists for totalitarian regimes were expected to exercise, with considerable tact expected.

A worthy counterpoint to what I have just explained.

So much for the discredited Christian Right delusion about Disney's recourse to Any Means Necessary to Indoctrinate Children into the Homosexual Agenda, which the Christian Right regards as one with Moral Corruption and Perversion Contrary to the Divinely-Ordained Laws of Nature and His Endowment Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land: Is it not true that the "music shows" of Branson, MO along 76 Country Boulevard and Shepherd of the Hills Expressway are subtly promoting the "pro-Christian, pro-American, pro-military, pro-free enterprise, pro-family" agenda and related articles of faith (so long as the message was tactfully sugarcoated; perhaps a condition of receiving investment from "angels" with Christian Right connexions in same)? Has anybody considered just such a likelihood?

And this last bit goes out to our friends who feel that "AmeriKKKa needs to be more like China" to hasten socioeconomic recovery and jobs creation (via BBC Monitoring, in case you need to know whence this is from):
And finally, media voice support for an anti-drug agreement that bans celebrities with a history of drug abuse from returning to showbiz.

According to reports, 42 artist management agencies in Beijing signed an agreement with local police on Wednesday pledging never to recruit celebrities with reported drug use problems.

This comes after Gao Hu, a 40-year old actor, became the ninth Chinese celebrity to be arrested for drug-related offences this year.

Several media outlets point out that the agreement is an effective way to deter drug abuse among the celebrities.

A China News Service commentary predicts that the measure will be an effective one as "celebrities are not afraid of being arrested, but are worried about losing their job".
So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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