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16h56 UTC; MONDAY, 1 SEPTEMBER 2014: In the wa ke of the socioeconomic uncertainty prevailing across the former Confederate States after the Civil War, aggravated by the war's devastation and the Confederacy's loss, a climate of exploitation ensued which saw Northerners known as "carpetbaggers" take advantage of the situation with an eye towards profit from the Reconstruction period ... and some Southern "poor whites" known as "scalliwags" make repeated attempts to lift themselves out of their traditional enforced place of privation and despair, hoping such will be seen as inspiration to their kind.

These days, you have to wonder if it's the ilk of "Tea Party," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike types, with the assistance of weird and unwholesome prolefeeders whose credibility is highly dubious, as want to create a new class of "scalliwag" in the "chronically and habitually government-dependent" as an article of faith, and to package such as being For My God and My Country (not to mention "Our Lady Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace, Mediatrix Between God and Man," alias Our Lady of Necedah, notwithstaning continued ecclesiastical disapproval therefor).

Especially where the interconnexion of
die mensgesentreerd ekonomiese vryheid van ons styl, in ons tyd, vir alle tye unto Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations Solely by the Goodness of His Grace and Favour (howbeit tenuous, when all is said and done) can be established in the worst possible way (without dropping hints of such having elements of the Afrikaner Economic Movement's agenda down South Africa way as sought to empower "poor white" Afrikanerdom socioeconomically through the agency of apartheid all the more, not to mention the notion of such reeking of the blasphemous).

The source at this link can (hopefully) keep you stocked up.

One article of faith conservatives might have for "empowering the government-dependent" we probably don't need: One of using fear and paranoia to scare such employed through workfare and similar schemes into opening MyRA-model Retirement Savings Plans as part of their Social Contract, especially the sort as would have employers match the employee's contributions (preferably equal to at least 10% of gross pay) in lieu of advanced Earned Income Tax Credit and state equivalent schemes.

Theoretically serving the ideals of Self-Reliance and Personal Responsibility being promoted in the "chronically- and habitually-dependent upon the State" that conservatives expect--only it emerges that the MyRA plans to which such working poor are directed are really attempts at "gilding the lily" for the likes of so-called "High-Yield Investment Plans" (HYIP's) and other unregistered mutual funds as turn out being based offshore "for tax reasons" and/or have connexions to "Tea Party," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike, with clear and present risk of "churning," mismanagement or worse.

Especially a bon marche.
(See what I mean at the link.)

As for expecting the disabled to find mainstream work or jobs training, especially so in light of the Olmsted v. C. J. court ruling holding the traditional sheltered-workshop model to be a form of discrimmination), I, as a disabled person myself, have to wonder just how many mainstream employers will be cooking up patsies such as the following to discourage applications or resumes from would-be disabled employees:
  • "We can't afford to hire more of your kind."
  • "We are a very image-conscious company, and we can't afford to have our good name and repute compromised by your kind."
  • "We would love to employ you, but we can't because of outdated and archaic rules, laws and policies."
  • "We can't afford to let able-bodied workers go just to employ your sort."
  • "What will the community think when word gets out about our employing crazy types like yourself?"
  • "Why don't you just commit yourself to the state asylum and have your head examined?"
  • "If we employed more like you, it would only drive down wages and make us less competitive."
  • "The only way we could be able to hire you is if we were allowed to employ you as an Independent Contractor."
But is there much truth in any of these canards, especially in the more conservative sort of "blue collar" community as is especially ripe for "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" prolefeed holding the ascendency (in particular such which sees the disabled as "Non-Producers" "at risk of government dependency," with subtle "advice" that such consider immigration to Canada or even Australia "for their own good")?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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