18h13 UTC; TUESDAY, 2 SEPTEMBER 2014: Perhaps the best lead-in I can think of, aside from the Tweet as leads off this post, is the news that the 2014 Minnesota State Fair, as concluded just yesterday, set a new attendance record of 1,824,830 visitors over its 12-day run, eclipsing by 34,333 visitors the old record from 2009 of 1,790,497 such. Credit, no doubt, seasonably mild weather in the main, aside from thunderstorms and muggy weather as Opening Day wore on therefor.

Not to mention where a new single-day attendance record was set at The Great Minnesota Get-Together on Saturday last of 252,092 visitors.

Waldo, FL, on US 1 between Jacksonville and Gainesville to be exact, is rather notorious for being a police "speed trap" among motorists heading towards the Orlando Theme Parks and points southward, enough so as to prompt the AAA to issue warnings about the notoriety therefor, and the proceeds from speeding fines enriching the municipal treasury substantially.

A notoriety which could be about to collapse with two former police chiefs there now on trial for Abuse of Power and Coercion in that present and former police officers of the Waldo constabulary allege they were put on quota of writing at least 12 speeding tickets per 12-hour shift under pain of dismissal.

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In future, you may want to be more careful about what you eat vis-a-vis what you're watching on the vidiot's box: Cornell University researchers, in JAMA Internal Medicine, hath the results of a study involving just under a hundred graduate students who were given the option of watching a violence-heavy action-adventure programme and The Charlie Rose Show on PBS, with tables of snacks to much on throughout ... which revealed that those watching the more ultraviolent sort of programme were more likely to binge eat and chow down on "junk food" than such watching a more sophisticated chat show like that of Meneer Rose, who were more likely to eat fruits throughout.

Now we'd like to see what the likelihood would be when you bring in Disney Channel programming unto the equation, especially so the screwball comedies as now dominate its programme since its relaunch a couple of years back in basic cable and the Disney Junior preschool programme, in particular shows like Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates as have especial appeal to preschoolers.

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We can do without conservative prolefeeders, lacking credible evidence of any kind whatsoever, blaming President Obama within measurable distance for the closing at the weekend of Atlantic City's Showboat and Revel casinos, and the upcoming such of Trump Plaza, with the ensuing loss of 6,000 jobs between them (and leaving The Nation's Playground with but eight casinos): The very forces of ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl conservative prolefeed insists is essential to AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity are in large part to blame therefor, what with Connecticut's Monhegan Sun Casino, the largest Native American-run such in the country, having stolen the thunder from Atlantic City in recent years (especially from the New England region and New York City), not to mention full-on casinos already operating in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, and soon to open in New York state, cutting into Atlantic City's revenue. So there.

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