19h36 UTC; THURSDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER 2014: How the preceding image relates to the following:

For some reason or another, Your Correspondent had this somewhat bizarre dream this morning which saw moi in close proximity to the Tasmanian Devil "himself," who, as it just so happened, was preparing to mate with She-Devil for no reason other then to satisfy his inner need. And, for some reason or another, permitted me to watch in close range, as if thinking where, for some reason or another, he accepted me for what I am.

Suffice it to say that seeing them in copula was rather wonderful on the part of both; I'd rather not get into oh-so-explicit detail lest this be regarded as pornography. Followed briefly by Taz "himself" licking on the tip of his penis, as if cleaning same after the sexual act proper (some animals actually do this, mind you, which can be confused with auto-fellatio), and an admission that the only reason Taz is sometimes seen in boardshorts is out of false modesty for the sake of 'toons, that he actually enjoys surfing, swimming and diving underwater naked because it's more comfortable that way.

And it's enough for Taz to walk me over to his Secret Surf Spot for a brief lesson in bodysurfing--which turns out being rather wonderful with Taz and moi actually having a rather interesting time at the experience. Followed, in the end, with Taz acknowledging that he can accept me for what I am because of my liking him for what he is.

And his actually walking away, avoiding any show of regret, rather than racing off in the whirlwind stylee common to his several cartoon appearences; why that was is beyond anybody's guess. But suffice it to say that Taz appreciated my company in such unusual circumstances.

In closing, condolences are in order for actress Joan "Can we talk?!" Rivers, who passed away this afterlunch at the age of 81 from the effects of heart failure suffered during a routine throat examination the other day. Her comedy was no doubt one of a kind, and she will certainly be missed.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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