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18h40 UTC; FRIDAY, 5 SEPTEMBER 2014: Wiht the news that hackers attempted to infiltrate, pervert even, the servers empowering the ObamaCare website (www.healthcare.gov, know) the other day, how knoweth we that such wasn't really the product of "Tea Party" or "Christian Patriot" opponents therefor such as could then blame hackers from without for such acts, deeds and exploits (and officially claim they were "only following orders" from their paymasters as ultimately lead to the sugar daddies of said (pseudo)movements, Die Broers Koch in particular?

A worthwhile tribute to the just-concluded Minnesota State Fair, no?

Now we know why it is that the "welfare basket cases" are able to eat, never mind the fear and loathing of the Fox News-deluded crowd: Researchers with the University of Pennsylvania hath it, based on an analysis of supermarket receipts where loyalty-card schemes are in operation, that it's because of weekly specials which tend heavily to unhealthy foods at the expense of fresh produce, whole grains, leaner meats and legumes that the "chronically ahd habitually government-dependent" can manage to at least eat for the most part.

But still, though, if supermarkets scrapped loyalty-card schemes to reduce consumer prices by and large (just as many such did with trading stamps in the mid-1970's, usually thanks to consumer pressure), would it actually help the Lower Classes eat healthier in the long run? (One of the first supermarket chains to actually dump trading stamps in response to consumer demand was the Midwestern chain Meijer, who discontinued Top Value stamps in the spring of 1960 in response to consumer concerns about having to pay through the back door just for the privilege of offering trading stamps; concurrently, shelf prices came down substantially without adverse consumer blowback.)

Something as ought be investigated by the Justice Department in its enquiries of the thirdboroughs in Ferguson, MO and surrounding communities, as well as those in St. Louis County: Videlicet, the possibility of said forces having super-secretive branches of the Ku Klux Klan, with white officers pressured to enroll all the more discreetly (and yet at the same time expected to deny their existance under the pain of Dire Consequences, preferably through "The Five Words"--as in "I have nothing to say"--if and when asked by superiors in Loyalty Drills or similar).

What this has to do with whoever I'm linking to here is anybody's guess.
Just click on the pic and take your chances, reader.

With BP America all the more liable for damages in consequence of the Unfortunate Events behind the 2010 Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig explosion, fire and oil leak into the Gulf of Mexico, I for one have to wonder if, notwithstanding categorical pledges by BP to fully pay all legitimate and valid damage claims, there may come the likelihood for BP to go into Carey Street when it emerges that the claims and penalties due are all the more likely to eat away at worldwide profits for the greater BP group.

Which would be enough for Fox Business, CNBC and certain of their conservative True Believers in ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as Essential to AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations to push for the same tactics Fascist Italy had of declaring certain "essential or strategic" business entites as "companies in the national interest", subjected to heavy State subsidies and ur-sovereign immunity from charges of Cartel Behaviour as amounts, in effect, to declaring such as State Property; the better to essentially keep BP America in business. Not to mention Walmart, General Motors, Bank of America, Home Depot, Coca-Cola and Disney, inter alli.

"But will it play in Peoria?"

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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