17h27 UTC; TUESDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER 2014: In case you were asking about the indirect interconnexion vis-a-vis the image and what it linketh to, readers, today's such can be said to be a take on Apple's announcing several new products therefrom ... its aim being to demonstrate that ons styl ekonomesie vryheid is alive and well, and that you, Dear American Consumer, STILL have serious consumer choices which Teh Innerwebz makes all the easier, I will have you know.

Meanwhile, back in the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa" cherished deeply and dearly (howbeit emotionally) by the prolefeeders of the Christian Right, in their Luscious Glory of pandering to the "poor white" in his Luscious Glory of poverty, fecundity and ignorance he's all the more unlikely to rise himself from notwithstanding all manner of emotionally-laden appeals from his prolefeed Heroes and Role-Models:

"Nothing sucks like an Electrolux" was the slogan used by the Swedish consumer-appliance giant AB Electrolux a few years back to explain the superior suction power of their vacuum cleaners compared with those of competitors--howbeit in Europe, for the most part. Which, in any event, inspired much in the way of sly giggles when news thereof went trans-Atlantic (but then again, there was a time when Electrolux had a presence in America for its direct-to-consumer sale via itinerant agents of vacuums and household appliances).

I mention this because Electrolux has announced the acquisition of GE's consumer-appliance business for some $3.3 billion, such being driven by GE's new focus on industrial and commercial operations, ending some 110 years of consumer appliance manufacture and sale in the United States; Electrolux will market said appliances under the GE name and stylee out of historical association and interconnexion, for which GE will receive a licence fee from Electrolux.

Meaning that GE will now be part of one of Europe's most distinguished consumer appliance brands, a stable as already includes Frigidaire in North America and AEG and Electrolux in Europe.

No doubt the so-called "Men's Rights Movement," in its misogynistic Luscious Glory of insisting that men have a "natural right of control" over women, and By Any Means Necessary--even if it's violent or sadistic, should such be deemed necessary--will be exploiting the NFL's decision to suspend Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice in response to TMZ's releasing security-camera footage of Rice's recourse to violence against his then-fiance in an Atlantic City hotel elevator this past February as "evidence" that men need to keep their wives under such control as required under the circumstances.

Especially such resulting in rape or other carnal misadventures.

And though it may not be Thanksgiving for another couple months now, know, something worth considering as a possible 4-H or Science Fair project might want to be looking into whether the sedative effects of the holiday turkey could be counteracted by OTC mental-alertness products such as No-Doz or Vivarin, which, know, have as much caffeine as two cups of strong black coffee per dose (hence, advice to avoid caffeine-containing beverages like tea, coffee or colas when so taking; instead, for the after-dinner coffee, serve decaf or some grain-based coffee-ersatz like Pero, Cafix or Inka).

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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