17h43 UTC; SATURDAY, 13 SEPTEMBER 2014: Isn't it stretching things to suggest that the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa" can save itself socioeconomically by appealing to a presumed "natural unity and identity of the REAL AmeriKKKan" (howbeit "poor whites" of the lowest breeding and intellect, by and large) as is itself being sapped, compromised even, by homemade methamphetamines, Al Cohol and (in some extreme, howbeit isolated, cases) zoophilic sex mania driven largely by sexual frustration or outright ennui over more "natural" sexual concepts?

Making the notion even worse: Packaging such a concept (howbeit otherwise well-intentioned) as being a Divinely-Ordained Mission from God in His Name and Service to Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Land to His Luscious Glory; IMHO, such a delusion reeks of the blasphemous--even more so when the promotion of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid is to be seen as part of Evangelisation and Mission Work, which makes it all the more blasphemous.

Not to mention condoning wealth concentration and socioeconomic disparity as being one with Christian Love, the poor being expected to "suffer as Jesus suffered" towards the Golden Dawn of a New, Life-Changing, Wealth-Endowing, Prosperity for All, for the Benefit of All (even to the point of invoking the Seven Sorrows of the Most Sorrowful Mother as part of this "suffering").

Such, in the end, isn't exactly ekonomesie vryheid at all. It's more than likely closer to Fascism, howbeit perverted to serve the warped "Bible-Believing" Christianity of the Christian Right.

Closing out on a quasi-relevant note: How do we know that Walmart (or, for that matter, the associated Walton Family Foundation) isn't a Major Corporate Supporter of the so-called "AmeriKKKan Family Association," as in its recent boycott call of Target in the name of God, Country, Traditional Marriage and Ons Styl Ekonomesie Vryheid (or so perceived), and associated entities ("One Million Moms," e.g.)?

Conversely, how do we know said "AmeriKKKan Family Association" isn't a major shareholder or bondholder (howbeit through offshore-based "pure trusts" in the name of sham entities) in Walmart?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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