20h53 UTC; TUESDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2014: In beginning this post, I should apologise for it being rather late in the posting department; Your Correspondent had a rather substantiative pizza buffet at Godfather's in Winona this lunchtime, and returned home to nap it off all the more for some reason or another. Hence, his going online a little later than normal, even considering that we may be getting over our late-summer cold snap here in the Minnwissippi with the forecase calling for milder weather the rest of the week ahead.

But then again, the cool and wet spring could mean that the fall colours in these parts--which, if you ask moi, are as good as those of New England--could be more intense and pronounced than in recent years. So do be sure to get your fall-colour plans out of the way before the rooms start filling up when fall colour here reacheth its heighth in the early-mid-October period.

Talk about illogical analogies: Bryan J. Fischer with the so-called "AmeriKKKan Family Association" is pushing the trope suggesting that our tolerance of bacon "proves" that Thy Dear and Lovely Land is a CHRISTIAN nation, Now, Tomorrow, FOREVER!! And that it's the sworn duty of the Good Christian to defend this notion (up there with apartheid South Africa, know) By Any Means Necessary. Especially so through the Fiery Cross, singing the Filthy Hymns of Our Fathers in a fanatically-depraved whine....

Not many know this, but China's current socioeconomic lull may be one reason why gas prices in Thy Dear and Lovely Land may be as low as they have been in recent years, even when compared to a year ago; some, in fact, are thinking that we may see gas prices stateside fall below $3/gallon for regular unleaded within measurable distance, even allowing for refineries making the switchover to easier-to-refine winter blends as are a traditional harbinger of lower gas prices. (In Winona, the prevailing price for regular unleaded by "gentlemens' agreement" is now $3.23/gallon.)

But even as China sees industrial output and GDP decline year-on-year, not to mention whole suburban and exurban developments essentially go to waste soon after construction is completed and the Communist Party's anti-corruption moves start going nowhere (except for petty local cadres caught in the cookie jar, so to speak), online B2B portal Alibaba's IPO is still the talk of Wall Street and The City, what with some investors looking for a selling price on the IPO of between $65 and $68/share.

As fresh details emerge of the Palin Mishpuga Donnybrooke
near Anchorage, AK recently (in which Al Cohol played a major role, know, as police reports hath it), replete with Billingsgate galore, such should be enow for the Real American to reconsider the possibility of paying $9.95/month to get The Sarah Palin Channel over Teh Innerwebz, what with her good name and repute likely being compromised as her role in same becomes more evident. Especially if she used certain of the Seven Dirty Words or their variants in the brawl.

Meanwhile, who wouldn't love to see a Wisconsin Dells Channel online over the summer months, a more laid-back online video channel with elements of European pirate-ship radio from the 1960's and 1970's to make it more interesting in especially interview segments with unwitting shoobies?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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