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For Caledonia, to use the ancient Latin name for Scotland, it all boils down to today on what course she will take henceforth--to become a sovereign state in her own right after 307 years as part of the United Kingdom (all because of a dearth of male issue on the English throne vis-a-vis its line of succession), or to remain in same. And the results of a ballot plebiscite on that issue, which are expected to become rather close once ballots are counted (by hand, know), may be slow in coming, coming down to a few rather close votes between the Yes and No camps.

Nonetheless, certain other regions in Europe as have designs on "self-determination" themselves are looking at how the Scots plebiscite's results turn out to see if they wish to proceed. But then again, Spain's Catalonia region (as in Barcelona and environs), notwithstanding official objections from Madrid, is planning to go ahead with an "advisory" plebiscite towards the end of the month on whether to proceed with full-on independence. Also interested in seeking "self-determination": the Basque-dominant regions along the Franco-Spanish border and portions of northern Italy. But stateside, the idea of "self-determination" for the "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKan" (as in reestablishing the Confederate States of America) isn't quite sitting well with voters within its fofrmer sovereign territory, according to surveys.

When you get right down to it, methinks such specimens of conservative
claiming to be the Voice and Conscience of their dear lovely ideal of "REAL AmeriKKKa" (as in the rural/small-town ideal founded on agrarian self-reliance, populated for the most part by easily-manipulate "poor whites" of European-AmeriKKKan, "Bible-Believing" Christian leanings) are probably skeptical of their belief deep in their hearts and minds; IMHO, they must seem to use the "REAL AmeriKKKa" trope as bait for their greater message of contempt and disregard for Thy Dear and Lovely Land, hoping to betray same unto the same "New World Order" their prolefeed officially loathes with anti-Semitic excesses and depravities.

A deceptive fiction serving manufactured delusions of National Unity and Identity, as it were.

As you doubtless know by now, the so-called "Islamic State" has come forth with an online prolefeed video which they see as a Declaration of War Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land, replete with calls for "lone wolf" "sleepers" to launch attacks upon high-profile locations such as Times Square in New York and the Las Vegas Strip in the name of jihad; its tone and menace, no doubt, prompting police to increase security and presence in targeted areas, notwithstanding lack of corroboration. Which should be enough to have us thinking what it would be like if the same were issued by so-called "Constitutional militias" based stateside with interconnexions to "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" elments--would there be the same level of fear and loathing prompting heightened police action?

Which, in any case, is enough to remind all of you that "if you see something, SAY SOMETHING." As in mentioning anything suspicious you come across to police officers, and if need be calling 911. Don't fall for such who insist upon silence as one with "protect[ing] your friends, your job, your livelihood, your community", as seems to be the mindset in certain misguided circles who see such ignorance as essential to the defence of "sovereignty within our own sphere", "our traditional values and heritage" or some other cheap canard.

Even if it's the pastor of your church going into full-on masher mode with your daughters, with consequences not unlike such in this specimen of 1930's-vintage exploitation film:

At about the same time "Islamic State" released its scaremongering Declaration of War, police "Down Under" announced the arrest and detention of some 85 people in Sydney and Brisbane as part of a plot to carry out the kidnapping and public beheading of a random civilian, and to stream such online, with the black flag of said movement draped over the victim's head. (Said flag, incidentially, is now considered by the Germans to be in the same league as Nazi-era symbols and iconography; in other words, banned from public display under pain of fine and/or penal servitude.)

Some 800 officers from state and federal police forces participated in the pre-dawn raids.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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