17h50 UTC; TUESDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2014: "That prudent mother, while she admired the beauty of the sacred scriptures, was convinced that, unrestricted, no reading more improper should be permitted a young woman. Many of the narratives can only tend to excite ideas the worst calculated for a female breast; everything is called plainly and roundly by its name; and the annals of a brothel could scarcely furnish a greater choice of indecent expressions."

Thus did British novellist Matthew Lewis, in his 1796 Gothic masterwork The Monk, explain the motives behind a handwritten expurgation of the Holy Bible produced by Elvira for the benefit of her daughter, Antonia, as forms an interesting subplot therein. (It would later be deleted because of criticisms by the likes of the Bishop of London and other high Church of England officials over such being seen as an insult upon the Bible. Making such even more galling to the Church was that Lewis was but 16 years of age when he so wrote.)

The which I bring up because a most-hard-wired specimen of conservative motherhood, in the interest of keeping her children pure and noble to the Greater Conservative Will, has rewritten one of the Harry Potter novellas by hand, making such an epistle of conservative ideology and articles of faith.

Not many of you may know this, but the United States is the only one of the major colonial powers to voluntarily renounce colonialism as one with Misguided Ideas--as in our misadventures in the Philippines from 1899 until granting them sovereignty in their own right in 1946, following a ten-year transition by way of the Philippines Independence Act 1936 (and World War II seeing same under Japanese occupation).

Which has Your Correspondent wondering about whether the major Christian churches should start renouncing all manner of evangelisation and mission work undertaken in what were seen as "backward" countries and societies going back some 200-250 years, in most cases under auspices of the State and reinforced by the likes of fear, torture, disease, starvation, alcohol, narcotics and even rape and sodomy. All without due regard of, or respect for, the culture and folkways of the targeted peoples and regions, excusing all as being for the Greater Glory of God.

So much for Tucker Carlson's suggesting on Fox Prolefeed the other day that smoking was somehow "masculine" and, hence, to be one with "cultural heritage and identity": Apartheid South Africa in her Luscious Glory was one of those few nations failing to see any interconnexion between smoking and heart disease; this, I understand, out of due respect and regard by the regime, and their Afrikaner Nationalist drookies, for the House of Rembrandt, makers of such prestigious brands of cancers as Rembrandt van Rijn, Peter Stuyvesant and Springbok ... not to mention being an Essential Industry in Service to the Afrikaner People and Nation, Creating Jobs and Livelihoods for the Heretofore-Dispossessed and -Dispirited Afrikaners Otherwise Suffering Under the Yoke of British Rule.

Meanwhile, from Indonesia--

As if that weren't enough, consider these examples of messages that Japan Tobacco displays all over the place under the banner of "social responsibility" that they call a "courtesy campaign" to teach Proper Smorking Etiquette, the imaging of which makes Glenn Beck's rather absurd diagrams look like a rather bad Branson "music show" and in many instances having rather hilarious English to boot:










(Hopefully, you have some of the more interesting specimens therefrom to ponder.)

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