17h47 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2014: There is probably some truth in Harper Lee's observation alluded to in the image as leads off these misadventures into Teh Blogospheerez today, in particular when it comes to such using Holy Writ to excuse their warped, delusional and jingoistic notions of True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command--especially where manufactured crudity of emotion can be deployed under certain circumstances under the banner of "National Unity and Identity."

What such with poor credit or no established credit history such as are targeted for dubious "payday loan" or "debt consolidation" offers, "guaranteed approval" credit cards or even "second chance" chequing accounts may be unaware of: Such banks or finance companies making such offers (especially those who prefer to let third parties handle the pis aller of marketing, with commissions paid based on referrals and approvals) may be unwittingly Laundering the Immoral Proceeds of Crime and/or Terrorism by creating an aura of credibility for terrorist groups thus entrusting their ill-gained lucre in hopes of staying below radar all along.

Witness where the Jordanian-based Arab Bank was found guilty Monday by a Federal jury in New York of Financing International Terrorism in a case brought by several Israelis as lost family members to Palestinians in the Second Intifada, which plaintiffs contended was financed with the full and tacit knowledge of Arab Bank management contrary to the USA PATRIOT Act. (Damages will be awarded after the jury calculates same.)

In any case, maybe it was time for to promote thrift and credit societies of the South African stokvel model in the interest of "helping the poor to help themselves," in line with prevailing conservative ideology and articles of faith themselves rooted in the Afrikaner Nationalist model of "a people rescuing itself." Or what otherwise stands in the way here?

So much for the "contempt for patriotism" being shown (in conservative prolefeed thought) by high-school students in the Jefferson County, CO schools, protesting proposed changes to the American History curriculum and syllabus serving conservative purposes of Promoting Healthy Respect for Patriotism and Ons Styl Ekonomesie Vryheid at the expense of civil unrest, racism and suchlike. Especially the sort reinforced by jingoistically deluded "Bible-Believing" Christianity suggesting that Thy Dear and Lovely Land and Her National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations are thus solely by the Goodness of His Grace and Favour.

The ultimate low in commercial scheduling: Just this morning on HLN, during his tour of duty at the motel in Winona he doth for, Your Correspondent was noticing where a commercial for the prescription anticoagulant Xarelto was followed immediately by a Paid Lawyer Advertisiement urging such as were afflicted by Xarelto to the extent of suffering gastrointestinal bleeding, blood clots and even death of loved ones to contact the law firm behind the latter's advert for possible compensation and relief.

News that the so-called "Bible-Believing Christian" will see as Apostasy: LaSalle Street Church in Chicago has decided, in the interest of "paying it forward," to give cheques for $500 to all 300 congregants thereof to spend or otherwise use as they deem proper; this, I understand, to demonstrate the purchasing power of the Good Christian.

And finally, for such among you as still insist that "AmeriKKKa needs to be more like China" in the interest of socioeconomic rescue and the Reclamation of the Luscious Glory of Prosperity, comes this item from the BBC's "News From Elsewhere" blog:
A Chinese noodle shop owner has admitted to lacing his wares with opium poppy seeds, in an apparent effort to keep customers coming back, it's reported.

The use of the unusual ingredient - used to make opium - at the restaurant in Yan'an, in Shaanxi province, came to light after one of its clients tested positive in a routine urine test by traffic police, despite insisting he'd never touched drugs, the Xi'an Evening News reports. Suspecting the noodle shop he'd eaten at a few hours before the test might be to blame, the customer, Liu Juyou, persuaded relatives to frequent the shop as well and submit themselves to drugs tests. They also tested positive.

The shop owner - named only as Zhang - has since admitted to police that he bought 2kg (4.4lb) of poppy buds - which contain the plant's seeds - for $100 (£60) last month, crushed them into a powder and started to add that to his noodles, the Hua Shang Bao daily reports. Police said the unprocessed seeds contain enough opiates to gradually build up in the body and eventually trigger a positive drugs test result. According to the South China Morning Post, poppy seeds used to be a popular ingredient in Chinese hot pot sauce until their use was banned.

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