17h47 UTC; THURSDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER 2014: Oooohhhhh, ye that call yourselves "Good Christians" and "True Patriots" who see yourselves as the True Sentinels and Guardians of Traditional Moral and Familial Values, True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command (and By Any Means Necessary), and what you perceive to be die mensgesenterde ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl, as well as insisting that a Natural and Mutual Interconnexion insists between those concepts for the mutual benefit of Thy Dear and Lovely Land, Whose National and Sovereign Identity is Possible Only Because of the Goodness of His Grace and Favour Upon Same (and to whom the lead-off image today is dedicated):

Tell me now, and in all honesty, how exactly racism, sexism, nativism, xenophobic jingoism, anti-Semitism even, are considered essential to your vision of ekonomesie vryheid, and the supposed need to maintain its vaibility as one with National Unity and Identity....

Where exactly is the "natural interconnexion" between the Defence of "Bible-Believing" Christian Values and ekonomesie vryheid, and how exactly the two coexist....

How exactly does "industrial heritage" excuse the Luscious Glory of your desires to disincentivise the automation of what you perceive to be "essential manufacturing industries", excusing such as being one with "creating jobs" and "strengthening the Dignity of Labour" in especially the Lower Classes still experiencing roadblocks trying to find honest work....

And whence you get the belief that your dear and lovely "REAL AmeriKKKa," dominated for the most part by the ranks of the Moronic Underworld, in large part comprised of "poor whites" with limited intellect (and, hence, limited job and career prospects in the rural/small-town milieu you claim is "REAL AmeriKKKa"), can best be saved by channelling your imagined Natural Unity and Identity of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation (based, know, on your Zealotry and True Belief in the white-nationalist acronym ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation", never mind your attempts to disavow the interconnexion) into giving their "idle monies" into "cashflow gifting clubs" (read: disguised Ponzi games) packaged as a "people-centred" approach to welfare, rather than accepting the "enslaving" forms of State or private charity, unaware that the potential payouts are likely to be compromised by disguised "consulting fees" going to your drookies among the weird and unwholesome.

Seriously, we'd like to know. With FACTS, not platitudes or scripted "talking points."

And there are plenty of Real Americans out there as are prepared to challenge what you have to say.

"For the truth is mighty, and will prevail."

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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