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17h23 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 30 MAY 2012: With all the prolefeed coming from Christian Right homophobes about homosexuals "targeting children" through "recruitment" and "exploitation" justifying "drastic measures" invoking His Name (e.g., one North Carolina sky pilot making headlines in his calling for the "preemptive" execution of homosexuals in concentration camps), let's not forget that one particularly noisome meme these same Zealots and True Believers will love to use is Fear of Persecution for Their Pious and Simple Faith, howbeit based on their own emotionally-driven delusions about Solidarity with the Afrikaner Peoples of South Africa in Danger of Genocidal Persecution as above.

Said Afrikaner Peoples having something of an ingrained persecution complex themselves dating back to the British "occupation" of the Cape of Good Hope Colony around 1825, never mind that the official Afrikaner mythos insists that it was the first Afrikaners (as in such of Dutch, German and French Huguenot derivation) settling there in 1656 under Dutch East India Company auspices "entitled" the Afrikaner to a "natural right of dominion" to the extent of forcing many in the Cape unto die Voortrek into the Highveldt in hopes of establishing their Pious and Simple Lives as God-fearing Farmers and Pastoralists ... only to face further "persecution" under the British following the gold and diamond discoveries in the Transvaal and Highveldt such as led to the Boer War (1899-1902) and the British extermination camps whence thousands of Boer women and children were "martyred" (and thus symbolically buried in the Nasionale Vrouemonument outside Bloemfontein)--well, you get the general catalogue, which apartheid sought to be the Last Great Hope for the Afrikaner to Assert His Natural Right of Power and Dominion.


A new low for the whole notion of a mutual interconnexion vis-a-vis "freedom" and "Wise Use" as certain misguided conservatives imply exists under the "unwritten law" supposedly to take precedence "as of natural right" over statute law, the Constitution even: exposes the ten worst stretches of major urban freeways for rush-hour commute delays ... and the worst such stretch is a portion of the Harbour Freeway (a/k/a I-110) in Los Angeles where, at the heighth of the evening commute, it can take eight minutes to travel all of three miles. And in single-occupancy full-size vehicles that "the Four Hundrd" and the sects and movements representing their interests (including the "Tea Party" such) sees as "freedom"!!

Which brings up this Adventure in Critical Thinking (as opposed to doublethink such as the "Tea Party" types suggest be employed): Of these several commutation options, which is the best example of Wise Use:
  • A train of five bi-level commuter rail coaches, each coach carrying 125 passengers (total capacity 625 passengers), using existing railroad trackage?
  • Seven 90-passenger bilevel commuter motorcoaches (total capacity 630 passengers), using dedicated HOV lanes on the expressway?
  • Fourteen 45-passenger single-level commuter coaches (total capacity and modus operandi as aforementioned)?
    (N.B. Provision would be made for "park-and-ride" facilities in connexion with the aforementioned options)
  • 625 single-occupancy automobiles using the same freeway, without provision for carpooling or HOV ("diamond") lanes?
(Remember to think carefully and consciously.)


Petition deserving your due and timely attention: calling for due and timely Congressional and Federal Trade Commission enquiries into the practices and operating techniques of so-called "pyramid selling" companies as may masquerade Ponzi schemes, taking devious and unscrupulous advantage of the vulnerable and suchlike others needing extra income, but unable to work in the community for reasons outside their direct control (among them serious physical, mental or emotional disorders, needing to care for elderly relatives or infants at home, local economic conditions aggravated by sudden factory closings, &c.).


For such among you still considering going the wireless route, Clark Howard with HLNtv hath it that the new wave in cellular value for money is in no-contract wireless phones and plans, which may actually be better value for money than traditional contract-based wireless telephony services in the long run (even considering where one has to purchase the phone up front; some choice ones can be had right here (ask about bulk pricing for added valueicon) ... and which could be quite the growth industry; in fact, Mr. Howard hath it that AT&T is seeing a major shift away from contract-based wireless customers (which can set one back as much as $40/month) and unto no-contract such (costing as little as $11/month).

Definitely an option to think about.

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