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18h UTC; SATURDAY, 16 MARCH 2013: Judging by the timing of recent days' postings, reader, it appears likely where, as the weather starts to become more clement up this way, these postings will be timed to appear as they are of late (as in at 18h UTC time) for the forseeable future. How this came to be is anybody's guess.

But for those who must ask why I prefer to use UTC time vis-a-vis these postings, it's because, one, this is the World Wide Web, not the America-Only Web ... and second, UTC time (f/k/a Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT for short) is the international timekeeping benchmark, which is rather apropos Teh Innerwebz. Those who insist I have somehow become a Traitor to Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKan Nation by this show of cosmopolitanism will need to show concrete, documentary evidence to substantiate; no "Hitler Diaries"-stylee forgeries accepted.

With Michigan Governor Snyder's having placed the City of Detroit in a State of Fiscal Emergency, handing over its powers to an Emergency Procurator Fiscal with essentially dictatorial powers, I for one have to wonder if such may be but a back-door attempt for the State of Michigan to secretly corporatise the Motor City's powers and functions in some offshore tax-haven jurisdiction like the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, the Principality of Liechtenstein, St. Kitts and Nevis, the Turks and Caicos Islands or even the Republic of Panama.

To be officially excused as being "for tax reasons."

Not to mention "pump-and-dump"-powered sale of City of Detroit, Michigan (Isle of Man), Ltd., say, shares upon disreputable scions of Wall Street, Bay Street and The City, traded in equally-disreputable bourses as are the domain of microcap shares among the world's financial centres.

So what part exactly of Flawed Exponential Maths don't conservative Zealots and True Believers get in their insistence that keeping tax rates all the lower magically translates into private-sector jobs creation doesn't actually work in practice? (There are reports and studies that actually confirm this for a fact. And it's especially awful in the Former Confederacy, where "Tea Party" and "9-12" beliefs hold high carnival galore.)

Double Mondegreen Alert: As in Helen Reddy's "Arm in arm,/I've been loving you so long" sounding like "On and on,/I've been haunting you so long" ... and the line in Cliff Richard's "Devil Woman" where he sings "I drank the potion she offered me" sounding like "...she outlawed me."

Tell me this isn't the correct way for celebrating the Feast of St. Patrick, which is also Ireland's National Day in case you didn't know: New York-based television producer William Spencer Reilly felt compelled to create Sober St. Patrick's Day a couple years back after seeing someone passed out on a sidewalk with a T-shirt reading "St. Patrick's Day today--hangover tomorrow!" after a rather raucous celebration thereof; in his mind, then, he felt that St. Patrick's Day was better celebrated as the family-friendly commemoration of Ireland and things Irish such ought to be, not as an excuse to overdo it on the Guinness Stout, Harp Lager or even such Irish whiskies as Jameson's, Tullamore Dew or The Tyrconnell. Now in its second year, Sober St. Patrick's Day is gaining nationwide momentum, with celebrations in some 20 other cities where Barry's Tea is perhaps likely to be the strongest of Irish beverages available.

"...and that's the way it is"--for now, at least.



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