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18h38 UTC; FRIDAY, 13 JANUARY 2012: If there's one thing that the Greater Conservative Prolefeed Masheen can turn to as a means of "winning over hearts and minds"--especially such who are ignorant, weak of mind, vulnerable to the point of manipulation even--it would have to be fanaticism.

Fanaticism to the nth degree, especially.

The sort invoking the crudest and most pathetic excesses of hyperbole vis-a-vis nativism, xenophobia, jingoism and warped delusions based on a conflated interconnexion between Race and Nation (witness the current White Nationalist meme of the hour based on the acronym ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation") not seen since the heighth of the apartheid regime's Luscious Glory down South Africa way, insisting all the more that the Afrikaner was called by God Himself to South Africa and establish the Shining City on a Hill consecrated to His Divinely-Ordained Will and Duty, replete with the obligatory exercises in religio-fanatical obnoxiousness such as the December 16th observance at Die Voortrekkermonument above Pretoria, culminating in the noonday sun's hitting Die Senotaaf in Die Heldesaal with its Holy and Sacred Inscription of ONS VIR JOU, SUID-AFRIKA (yet stopping short of fanatical excesses of nationalistic self-abasement before the Will of God in the Name of South Africa and the Martyrs of Slachters Nek ... the Martyred Women and Children of the British Concentration Camps in the Boer War Symbolically Buried at Die Nasionale Vrouemonument in Bloemfontein ... Jopie Fourie, the Young Martyr of the 1914 Rebellion ... and Hendrik Verwoerd, all Martyred for the Sins of the Afrikaner Volk en Nasie so the Afrikaner May Endure as His Chosen People Cast Upon His Chosen Land At Thy Call to Live or Die, For Thee, South Africa, Under Die Vierkleur Unfurled Anew as the Banner of the Afrikaner Volk en Nasie....


Which brings up where Right Wing Watch at People For the American Way hath it that the so-called "Youth for Western Civilization" have launched a Call to Solidarity with the Afrikaner Peoples of South Africa in the face of perceived and/or imminent Persecution and Genocide Against a Once-Proud and yet Humble, God-Fearing Volk Now in their Dearest Hour of Destiny.

No doubt expected to be picked up by other White Christian Nationalist Zealots and True Believers out of a perceived Solidarity for Persecuted White Christians as may exist only in hysterically-driven atrocity prolefeed lacking any factual credence, replete with emotionally-driven fundraising appeals calling upon all Good White Christian AmeriKKKans to Answer the Call of Their White Christian Brethren in Dearest Need of Help, tending heavily to glowing generalities as may conceal a lack of accountability providing plenty of opportunity for those running any ensuing United Campaign to divert for personal use funds theoretically intended for "the evacuation of Afrikaner families and their resettlement as refugees in Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa" (howbeit based on what turns out being scripted, insincere even, sob stories of Real or Imminent Persecution carefully manipulated, scripted even, to trick the immigration staff at the United States Embassy in Pretoria or its Consulates in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg into timely approval of their applications for Refugee Status).

In any case, such may be well worth watching out for. Not to mention urging the outright avoidance of any insincere pleas reeking of the urgent-sounding for funds as above; you never know where the funds may go until too late, and besides, it's possible that Immigration Fraud and/or Claiming Refugee Status by Fraud, Trick or Deception may be the ultimate aim here.


As if such a pathetically lame appeal to manufactured "White Pride" wasn't getting awful enough, one ought also start being careful about the use of "economic freedom" as the "focus-group-tested" (or so Frank Luntz thinks) alternative to "capitalism" vis-a-vis Indecision 2012-related prolefeed relative to the defence of economic freedom with AmeriKKKan characteristics, particularly so one "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" (in theory, mind you) aimed at Saving Our Antient and Peculiar National and Sovereign Identity by implying an unwritten, traditional even, interconnexion between said National and Sovereign Identity and economic freedom, &c.

Hence, Your Correspondent suggests that whenever "economic freedom" is used in conservative prolefeed relative to Indecision 2012, think "capitalism" instead. And vice versa. Such should serve to demonstrate just how obnoxiously absurd the whole notion of lily-gilding suggested here as a prolefeed tactic (howbeit one tending to the manipulative, not unlike a "smash-and-grab" robbery in the worst of rush-hour traffic) actually is.

Even if the True Believers behind this Grand Delusion suggest that the concept is necessary, if not quite reversible (cf. that episode from Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four where O'Brien explains to Winston that the Party slogan "Freedom Is Slavery" is reversible, with the implication that the individual, by submitting him/herself to the Greater Collective Will of the Party, can achieve immortality).


Meanwhile, another Conservative Prolefeed Grand Delusion which the right-thinking Real American should be on the watch-and-ward for is that which seeks to put former President Ronald Reagan on the same plane of hagiographic idolatry which Beautiful Downtown Pyongyang enjoys using in connexion with "Eternal Leader" Kim Il Sung, whose birth centenary is being marked this year. (And which could likely be deployed relative to the late "Great Leader" Kim Jong Il before too long, what with the North Korean government announcing where the body of "Great Leader" will be preserved and put on public display as an Object of Worship and Devotion.)

In closing, an editorial from the online gazetta whose title, "The High Price of Idolatry," encapsulates what North Korea is being driven to in the name of Juche and Songun:
The idolization of the family of Kim Jong Un is now officially beyond a joke, as a process which began with the death of Kim Il Sung is now being applied to Kim Jong Il.

The Chosun Workers’ Party, via a "special report" from the Politburo, has announced that Kim Jong Il’s body is to be preserved and laid out in the same building as Kim Il Sung’s, making North Korea the first state in history to embalm both father and son for public display!

That is not all; North Korea also plans to build monuments to the deceased dictator in a number of different parts of the country. First and foremost, statues of Kim will be erected; there will also be memorial portraits, along with towers to his eternal life for those areas without statues.

In addition, Kim Jong Il’s birthday is now to be known as "Gwangmyeongsung Day", just as his father’s birthday is known as the "Day of the Sun." In the fullness of time, North Korea’s English-language propaganda media will doubtless translate this somehow; "Day of Bright Hope", perhaps.

All of which can only be a warning sign for us and for a North Korean people which continues to suffer chronic food insecurity. We should perhaps remember with great concern the time when Kim Jong Il used $900 million to both permanently preserve Kim Il Sung’s body and then create Kumsusan Memorial Palace to keep it in.

It is no simple task to erect a statue of anybody, let alone someone who presumably requires a large statue such as Kim Jong Il. In the South Korean city of Gumi, a mere 5m statue of former President Park Chung Hee cost 1.2 billion South Korean Won ($1.03 million). Kim Il Sung’s statue in Pyongyang is 24m high. For a massive statue like that to be erected, the foundations also need to be consolidated, then a road must be paved to go to the area. Lighting needs to be set in place and electricity provided all year round

Thus, at the same time as Kim Il Sung was being publicly idolized, thousands upon thousands of people in different parts of the country were collapsing in the streets of hunger. If Kim Il Sung’s body had been cremated and scattered at sea then the North Korean people would not have starved, at least in principle.

The Kim family idolization project is not a simple comedy or a caricature, something to be laughed at like the odd behavior of an eccentric relative. North Korea cannot afford any of this, and will take the money from the people’s pockets. The opening act of the 3rd generation succession tragedy is beginning.
(Which, come to think of it, may serve as warning against the idolatry of Ronald Reagan among conservative politicos and prolefeeders of the worst sort, especially with GOP Presidential wannabe Newt Gingrich casting himself as a Reagan-model conservative who can easily preempt a second term for President Obama and--so he thinks--Reclaim AmeriKKKa From Herself. On a model not unlike apartheid South Africa, perhaps?)

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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