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18h03 UTC; SATURDAY, 26 JULY 2014: There can be no mistaking the obvious, boys and girls: "Tea Party" prolefeeders, and others as enable the "Tea Party" message for "winning over hearts and minds" among the "REAL AmeriKKKan" masses--by and large from the Moronic Underworld, know--could be using their messaging as a trick to conceal the clear and present likelihood of their being unconscious psychopaths who use Any Means Necessary short of force or violence to endanger Thy Dear and Lovely Land in the name of saving same from imagined or perceived threats.

Especially where the means in question involve projection, mind games, dogwhistle code, pandering to the basest of patriotic emotions and feelings as themselves excuse bigotry and jingoism, "straw men", ad hominem and puerile exercises in emotion which may or may not be manufactured for exploiting emotion in the target audience for the very message at hand.

The whole to be excused by the "God and Country" brand of Plausible Denial if and when asked to explain, even where the evidence reveals a darker and more sinister tone, nuance and intent.

And which may serve to conceal darker and more dangerous sides of the "Tea Party" element.

Sides involving serious psychopathia as may or may not conceal underlying issues they fail to accept, in particular abusive or dysfunctional childhood upbringings in supposedly "Christian" families where the paterfamilias was too often alcoholic or otherwise spent too much of his time in Bad Company ... not to mention the prospect of many such being alcoholics, drug addicts, sex maniacs, and worse.

And there are no doubt plenty of examples that I can cite here of such potential psychopathia being evident among the messages of "Tea Party" types, many of them rather blatent and strident (e.g., Sarah Palin's suggesting that God wants President Obama impeached), others being nuanced and sugarcoated with an eye towards avoiding scandal (e.g., Rep. Paul Ryan's "noble experiment" in reinventing social welfare) ... but in any case, such are not the messages of sane men and women.

Who will stop at nothing in deploying any and all sort of tactics to avoid letting slip the prospect of their being seriously psychopathic, especially in terms of semiotics where the cameras are rolling, tone and nuance of language, tone and context of the message at hand, use of code and weasel words to the extent necessary, even developing responses if caught in Pantsdown Parade as can be quickly deflated through Aunt Sally-model deflation for the disingenuity that they really are cf. the original, especially should the response resort to projection, shifting the blame, and even misquoting out of context any news coverage of the original.

Not to mention questioning the Loyalty and True Patriot Love for Motherland of such calling out the vitriolic excesses as could cross the line into a battle-cry for armed insurrection, especially considering where the "Tea Party" concept therefor is one of hard-wired fanaticism with a willingness to suffer the Luscious Glory of Martyrdom on a par with the likes of Hus, Wycliffe, St. Bartholomew's Day, Slagters Nek, Parkedaal....

So who among us will stand up and have the courage to call out these "Tea Party" messenges for the psychopathic Dregs of Society that they are, associating with suchlike among their ilk in the worst possible way and themselves risking being caught unawares in Pantsdown Parade, with scandal and disgrace the movement will likely regard as one with "betrayal to the enemy" (yet without clear evidence of betrayal inherent beyond possible forgeries)?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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