"Forewarned is forearmed."
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17h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 2 OCTOBER 2013 (my own 52nd birthday, know): Perhaps the image as leads off today's post may best serve as explanation of who really deserves culpability and liability for the second-ever Federal Government Shutdown of non-essential functions thereof indeed. All the while hoping to take perverse pride, hoping in due course to taste the Luscious Glory of socioeconomic collapse and instability (not to mention prompting at least one call for military-led insurrection pro Deo et patria to "save the Constitution," "protect Our Republic" and "reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Nation to His Name and Glory," the last one suggesting that the Christian Right wants to claim out of abeyance the apartheid South African mantra of "God's Own Country" to excuse their real designs for neo-Fascistic Theocracy of Dunces, dominated for the most part by the Dregs of Society seeking to invoke His Name or an otherwise fraudulently-procured Red Badge of Courage all the more).

And what's more, should there be clear and present risk of socioeconomic collapse ensuing from this misguided pet and pride of the "Tea Party" faction of the GOP legation in Congress, we ought also expect a return of the carpetbagger and his itinerant exploitation of the emerging state of socioeconomic chaos and dislocation solely for short-term gain without due regard for the greater commonweal, just as it was with his predecessors exploiting the chaos and devastation of the South during the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. Complete with rather crude, blatant and tasteless at times anti-Semitic overtures calling to mind "Hoggenheimer," the Afrikaner Nationalist stereotype of the British Jew who spoke but English and had no regard for the best interests of South Africa, especially so the Afrikaner Volk thus forced all the more into "poor whiteism."

Meanwhile, the "Tea Party" crowd would love nothing more than the enforced corporatisation and share flotation of the United States Postal Service (cf. Royal Mail's recently-announced privatisation and share issue in Great Britain) as a penalty for failure to duly and timely make forced prefunding payments for retirement and health-cover expenses of future employees ... especially when such can involve purchase quotas for shares in the USPS that could be deployed as a recklessly dangerous (and perhaps illegal) blackmailing weapon against certain "parasitic scum undermining the Character and Identity of Thy Dear and Lovely Land" (i.e., Muslims, Jews, gays, "chronic welfare cases" regarded otherwise as "troublemakers," "feminazis" and "liberals") that could be excused (howbeit internally) as a "loyalty drill" of the North Korean sort.

Such, no doubt, recalling campaigns during World War I by the ilk of Minnesota's infamous Committee for Public Safety as targeted German immigrants, those of German descent or others suspected of holding "German sympathies" (i.e.., in opposition to the war effort) with arbitrarily-inflated purchase quotas for Liberty Bonds and War Savings Stamps, "goon squad" harrassment such as having the houses of German sympathisers painted in the yellow of cowardice, forcing German-language newspapers and magazines to show their loyalty with side-by-side verbatim translations into English and warning real or suspected "slackers" to "work or fight" under threat of penal servitude.

And which we don't really need. Especially when it turns out that USPS shares wind up being listed on the Pink Sheets or (if lucky) the OTC Bulletin Board after the NYSE and NASDAQ bourses start questioning the sincerity of the share flotation.

In the immortal words of the late John Cameron Swayze
as concluded every broadcast
of the Camel News Caravan (NBC-TV, 1949-1956),
"That's the story; glad we could get together ..."


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