18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER 2013: Has the Elmer Gantryite community, in its Luscious Glory of endorsing Russia's new statutory ban on "gay propaganda" suspected of targeting children, recognised the clear and present possibility that, by such acts, deeds and exploits, they could indirectly be giving tacit and yet unconscious aid and comfort to the Bashir al-Assad regime in Syria in its Luscious Glory of sadisto genocide involving chemical and biological weapons if deemed necessary?

(Which is not outside the realm of the logical, considering where the Russians and even the Chinese have given tacit military aid to the Damascus regime in past, and continues doing so in the face of ongoing civil war and unrest, as if Iran and their drookies in Hezbollah weren't already good and loyal support enow.)

Something for those still supporting Michelle Bachmann's delusional notion about AmeriKKKa "need[ing] to be more like China" with regards to hastening a return to the Luscious Glory of Prosperity for All to ponder: Over recent weeks, Beijing has started getting rather uneasy about certain celebrity microbloggers (sometimes known as "big V" such) on their "harmonised" microblog services such as Weibo being a little too vocal about corruption and perversion of power vis-a-vis high-level Communist Party officials (colloquially referred to as "tigers") thereon, in at least one high-profile case charging one especially prominent "big V" microblogger with "soliciting prostitution." Which, obviously, should be of deep concern, especially considering "Tea Party" and "9/12" contempt ideologically for democratic principles while tacitly claiming to be the True Guardians and Gatekeepers of the Constitution--provided said "Constitution" was one modelled on the Articles of Confederation or that of the Confederate States of America.

As well, the Chinese seem to have a double standard when it comes to using microblogging as a tool for exposing corruption in official circles: They can accept it when lower-level, rank-and-file "flies" (as in the cadre classes) are subjected to ridicule, but when it comes to high-ranking "tigers" in the Party (especially so such at provincial level or, worse still, those in the Politburo, the Supreme People's Congress or the Central Committee), care needs to be taken to avoid a midnight visit by officers of the Public Security Bureau in plainclothes when you're a Chinese microblogger. Which, more than anything, can mean extended detention in a psychiatric hospital pending trial without formal charges or proper psychiatric evaluation.

Is this what the Michelle Bachmann crowd's thinking when they want AmeriKKKa to "be more line China"?

You may or may not have heard by now where the annual Global Competitiveness Index, just out, shows a two-point gain in the United States' ranking (from 7th to 5th, to be exact) in the past year; Switzerland, for the record, is league leader in this respect. But we can do without conservative prolefeeders' attributing this gain to "Tea Party" ideology and articles of faith holding wide acceptance when such may not exactly be the case all along, and they lack credible evidence to make the interconnexion.

Staying with the illogical thinking of conservative prolefeeders
for the nonce, the notion they seem to have about ethno-racial and religious slurs seen as "unacceptable" to the "REAL AmeriKKKan" being quite acceptable in the targeted doesn't exactly wash when confronted with this actual case in point: The head of Strive, an employment agency in New York's Harlem neighbourhood, has been ordered to pay $250,000 in compensatory damages and another $30,000 in punitive such to a client of his who was subjected to frequent and endless use of the N-word during an evaluation interview in March 2011 as translated into serious emotional harm and injury that caused the client to rush to the toilet and cry her heart out for at least 45 minutes afterward.

The court rejected the defendant's assertion that, when used by blacks, the N-word was one of "love and endearment" as opposed to the white context therefor of racial opprobrium; the court's proceedings in the case saw a rather extended debate about deeper contextual implications of racial slurs and how such are interpreted among different racial groups.

Put simply, "a slur is a slur is a slur," paraphrasing Gertrude Stein.

(Which brings to mind the fact that in the Canadian province of Quebec, "Pepsi" is a common slur against French-Canadians of working-class or lower, including such dependent upon social allowance. The origins thereof dating to when Pepsi-Cola was introduced into Canada in the mid-1930's, with le Quebecoise taking to Pepsi with relish for its amazing value of a 12-oz. bottle costing the same 5 cents that bought half as much Coca-Cola. Hence, be careful when you ask for a Pepsi in some grotty-looking Montreal poutinerie; you may be unwittingly setting yourself up for a fight.)


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