01h19 UTC; SUNDAY, 10 JUNE 2012: First, readers, I do acknowledge that the title was inspired by Gillette's TV advertising slogan from the 1950's, "How are ya fixed for blades?", in case you ask--howbeit Engrishfied in the interest of enhancing attention and readers.

In any event, given this somewhat tasteless poster from over a century back, Your Correspondent has to wonder if there's still some of you, in your Luscious Glory of overwrought masculinity needing to be made manifest to the point of arrogant, wondering if there's still a decent, masculine even, "old school" wet-shave razor of the double-blade school available these days, what with the preference being for multi-blade cartridge razors like Gillette Fusion in the marketplace. The answer follows, by way of Smallflower.com, one of the several e-tailers that Your Correspondent is proudly affiliate with (at least I have a few ideas here to start you thinking in this regard, all opening new browser windows when clicked on, know):

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(And forget not about the blades for such razors, as long as we're at it for the moment):

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