18h UTC; MONDAY, 27 JANUARY 2014: No wonder things are rather cold up this way in the Minnwissippi region wherein Your Correspondent resideth as I post this ... as well as the fact of his trying to avoid lapsing into serious insanity as a bypoduct of having to stay inside owing to extreme windchill conditions as could slip to as low as -45° to -55° Fahrenheit into tomorrow morning.

Luckily, there is a silver lining to all of this: Conditions could start to improve starting midweek, with highs mostly in the 20's and a fresh chance of snow as January segues unto February. Early indications for Groundhog Day next Sunday suggest that the groundhog is unlikely to see his shadow this way, meaning spring may be all the more imminent if the old folklore is to be believed at face value.


With reports that the Honkers and Shankers (as in the HSBC Bank) is limiting cash withdrawals at its branch network in Asia to protect its liquidity, wild rumours are starting to emerge that the People's Bank of China, their central bank, may be out of cash--which, if confirmed, could pose risk of serious socioeconomic harm and collapse that the "Tea Party" element could exploit in the worst possible way to further undermine Our Dear and Lovely Nation and recast the economic paradigm according to "Third Way" models.

And wouldn't they love to do so in the hopes of provoking popular insurrection that they hope will cross into the Luscious Glory of sadism and blood lust?

Meanwhile, cocaine-scandal-belaguered Florida Congressman Trey Randel has tendered his resignation, acknowledging that his ego may have become too much for him and could only risk causing scandal which can be exploited in the midterm elections this November. So much for the Christian Right's trope when Congressman Randel entered treatment last fall of "God Forgives Trey Randel."

One canard the Christian Patriot Right would love to deploy as a defence to their objections to the First Lady's healthy-eating initiative (especially in the wake of Subway restaurants announcing its partnership in same) as "threatening Personal Liberty and Freedom of Choice" is that of invoking "Cultural Heritage and Folkways" as a defence to otherwise politically-incorrect "folkways" of unhealthy diet, smorking, drinking alcohol and even the swapping of obscene jokes and stories over beer (especially where children, racial minorities and farm animals come into play). But I don't expect the courts to accept "Cultural Heritage and Folkways" as a legally valid defence, especially considering that such carries potentially racist subtleties as could be distorted for propaganda value.

And isn't it taking Holocaust analogy a little too far for some high-end investor to invoke Kristallnacht ("the Night of Crystal"), the opening salvo of the Nazis' carnival of anti-Semitic depravity known as the Holocaust, as Aunt Sally against real or suspected "liberals" and "progressives" somehow seen as Having Reckless and Utter Contempt and Disregard for Thy Dear and Lovely Land and True Patriot Love Therefor (expected among the conservative mindset to be hard-wired, unyielding, orthodox even)?

What will happen NEXT?!
Tomorrow we WILL receive a login!


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