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00h UTC; FRIDAY, 8 FEBRUARY 2013: And what a day Your Correspondent has been having, so much so that he's just going online as he prepares these comments for virtual publication across Teh Blogospheerez of Teh Innerwebz. As if his fortnightly consultation with his Community-Based Mental Hygenist, followed by lunch at the KFC and some shopping at the Target wasn't good enough, by the time he arrived back in the flat and put away the residue from said shopping trip, he felt it necessary to settle down for a decent nap of some sort.

Even more so considering where he has oral surgery on Monday in LaCrosse for removal of a couple of bum teeth from his lower jaw as were giving him discomfortable pain a month back, LaCrosse being the nearest venue therefor now that a local oral surgeon has since retired.

And talk about Most Unlikely Comrades-in-Arms: As in the hacktivist movement Anonymous and certain weird and unwholesome types in the guise of "patriots" questioning the viability as much as the legality of the Federal Reserve System in this its centenary year vis-a-vis American monetary policy in relation to the Constitutional remit (Article I, section VIII) that empowers Congress, inter alii, "to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin ..."

I say this because Anonymous announced earlier today that it managed to hack into the Federal Reserve's computer systems and procured Sensitive Personal Details about members of the Board of Governors and other employees in positions of confidence and trust across the Federal Reserve System. Not just in Washington, but also its 12 regional banks and associated branches. And (so they claimed) plans to post online for all to see.

Which could mean some Rather Unlikely Alliances emerging here that ought raise alarms in certain circles about Giving Aid and Comfort to Our Sworn Enemies, as much from within as from without.

And we all know, don't we, boys and girls, that the "Tea Party" and their prolefeed drookies, Dirty Trash Cans Full of Poop all, still insists that spontaneous jobs creation can be made possible under the right conditions (preferably in the wake of "complete and final" tax and regulatory relief, preferably within measurable distance thereof); unfortunately, such thinking has repeatedly been discredited time and again, and apart from highly-incredible prolefeed, the evidence interconnecting tax and regulatory relief with direct and spontaneous jobs creation is highly lacking. (Remember, boys and girls, that Communist regimes were forever insisting in their propaganda that mass unemployment would be among capitalism's unravellings, that Communism assured a nil rate of unemployment.)

Is it any wonder that this same element's (howbeit hidden, know) ideal of "socioeconomic stimulus" is actually one out of the Afrikaner Economic Movement down South Africa way as presaged apartheid, one expecting the legions of "poor whiteism" to say No to State or charitable relief in favour of a hard-wired, wholehearted even, embrace of ethno-national solidarity and cohesion founded on the core ideal of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), preferably through a "spontaneous and mighty" campaign--a Mission From God, as it were--of careful and yet conscious Reddingsdaad ("rescue action") seeking to leverage otherwise "idle monies" among the masses into "productive capital" as would be channelled through a Reddingsdaadfond ("rescue action fund") serving the aim of a new, "people-centred" form of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe known as Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism") emphasising the "complete and final" abolition of "poor whiteism" through jobs creation and training in such companies as would be financed through this mighty mighty Reddingsdaadfond towards socioeconomic empowerment and uplift over mere wealth creation?

So what exactly, pray, does Atlas Shrugged have anything to do with one's after-high school prospects? An Idaho state legislator has introduced legislation as would require Gem State high-school graduates to read and pass a test on the key points of Ayn Rand's masterwork, that "Tea Party" Holy of Holies, as a requisite towards matriculation and graduation. Which, come to think of it, ranks up there with North Korea's rather rigid division of the population into three broad groups (Loyal, Suspect/Wavering and Disloyal), each subdivided into 17 subcategories, calculation of one's status in that regime determined at 17 years of age (and subject to a number of traps involving one's bloodline, surname, past associations with the Korean Workers' Party within the family line, all manner of bureauracy ensuing as determines one's adulthood lot within the so-called "Democratic People's Republic of Korea").

About ten years back, one of the more noisome varieties of "spam" e-mail making the rounds was such promoted as an "INVESTMENT ALERT" promoting as "quality investments" supposed "fully-secured, bank-guaranteed, Accounts Receivable Acquisitions" supposedly paying between 30-40% p.a. ("Discover where banks have made their profits for decades!"). Which, in and of itself, was rather fishy by any measure of the imagination, what with the promoters thereof tending to be based offshore "for tax reasons" and refusing to make a proper Offering Circular available unless one could show they had at least US$10,000 in risk capital to invest (downplaying the risks all along).

I mention this because it's emerged that some money-market funds as ordinarily invested in conservative "widows-and-orphans"-type bonds (including sovereign and government-agency debt, high-rated commercial bonds and commercial paper) are starting to make riskier and potentially edgy investments because of a major flood of cash into such funds disenchanted with low returns on bank savings deposits, generally under 1% p.a. at the present time. (In any event, should you consider the idea of investing in any type of mutual fund, make sure you obtain and read through carefully the approved form of Prospectus, Summary Prospectus or Offering Circular from the fund manager or your stockbrokers before making serious commitments about investing, paying especially close regard to investment objectives, strategems, risks and fees assessed by the fund managers. Also be aware that past performance does not automatically guarantee future results, and that all investments--some more so than others--carry a clear and present risk for loss of all or part of funds invested; hence, invest only risk capital.)

Another Worthy Reason Your Correspondent would appreciate
your patronage of the Online Mall (and actually buying something therefrom) and/or giving what you can through my ur-tip jar powered by PayPal (as can be found near the top of these pages), as if the rather limited benefits and emouluments he gets from disability benefit wasn't good enough: His Motherdear (91), now in a nursing home following a rather bad fall in her home a few years back, may not exactly have much of an estate when the time comes, what with Medicare covering much of the cost and their insisting on recoupment from the estate's residue of any significant and measurable expenditure thereby covered for treatment. And my own family line has never had much money or career prospects to begin with. Now you know.



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