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00h UTC; FRIDAY, 4 JANUARY 2013: Hoping all of you are just getting all the more acclimated to 2013--which, know, is the first time since 1987 that each digit in the year is a different numeric character--Your Correspondent would like to expand on an item previously about what Wellington, KS might want to go in getting rid of surplus felines in line with a new bylaw there limiting homeowners to a maximum of four cats or dogs per household: You can just imagine where the voyage of resettlement could be a sort of one-off "reality show" special which would have as its highlights the cats being transported by harbour barge of the sort used to ship goods to Catalina from the mainland as The Four Preps' "Twenty-Six Miles" is heard in the background ... and as the cats are offloaded on some remote part of the island, the music would shift to "The Colonel Bogey March" as per The Bridge on the River Kwai after the ramp is lowered onto shore and the cats are thus released.

In seeking to needlessly delay Federal relief legislation for areas adversely afflicted by Megastorm Sandy vis-a-vis reconstruction and socioeconomic redevelopment, Your Correspondent has to wonder if the more hard-wired "Tea Party"-deluded RepubliKKKans as are so stalling would rather prefer a "people-centred" model of rescue and rebuilding predicated on appeals to National Unity and Cohesion ("doing the People and Nation a favour," as it were, even if it meant wasting away the widow's and orphan's mite) and having as its Guiding Principles the Afrikaner Economic Movement's battle-cry of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself") as predicated apartheid down South Africa way and that of the Juche Idea out North Korea way as holds where "Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything."

But they want it as much "people-centred" as conforming to their (howbeit unspoken) doctrine about the mutual interconnexion between ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations (not to mention insisting that the two coexist For Mutual Benefit so that an attack on one concept is arbitrarily seen as that upon the other).

No wonder the AmeriKKKan Christian Right and its "Tea Party" drookies have such a warped take on the concept of "Wise Use," as rivals that used by the "Wise Use Movement" out West as takes issue with Federal land-use regulations and policies. Especially with regards to energy policy, never mind where, even with our purchasing even more digital TV sets, air conditioners and laundry requisites, among other things, new estimates by the Edison Electric Institute, an industry-sponsored research group, suggest that electricity use will rise by less than 1% this year. Blame it on more energy-efficient appliances and lighting, for the most part, thereby reducing the need for newer power-generating stations based on outdated generation techniques (coal or fuel oil) as opposed to such based on renewables (solar, wind, hydro) while converting less-efficient coal-based such now in use to natural gas, biofuels or refuse-derived fuels (so long as such conversion is deemed cost-efficient in the long run to investors as much as end users).

Remember, boys and girls, that "Wise Use" Zealotry and True Belief insists that the wasteful and inefficient, and the defence thereof, are one with "defending freedom and individual liberty" (as if they really mattered). In its turn calling to mind the "Farmer's Calendar" essay in The Old Farmer's Almanac(k) for April 1849 on "Conservatism," which deserves to be quoted in its entire:
This has become a mighty fashionable word; such as we farmers, however, do not use much. I have been looking it out in the dictionary, and conclude it is about synonymous with preservatism. It therefore may have something to do with husbandry. I have lately been reading an oration on this very subject, by one of our smartest scholar men. He says that the world, now-a-days, is divided into Conservatism and Reform; that is, the old and the new; and just so it is in farming. Faith, as he says, goes ahead to the new; fear, with eyes behind, holds on to the old. Now, I think this is completely applicable to our business; don't you, Mr. Subsoil? One man spreads his manure broadcast, another does differently, after the old fashion. The stickler for reform takes a small piece of land,puts what manure he has upon it, ploughs it thoroughly, tends it closely, hires but little help, and gets a good crop. The conservator, sticking to old customs, thinks the more land he has, the greater the produce; goes on scratching over his broad fields, hiring an abundance of help, one-half of which are loafers, and at last don't bring buckle and strap together; that is, he comes out at the little end of the horn.
(Tinhorn, methinks.)

If ever there was blame to be laid as a contributing factor to the Rise of Obesity
in Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa (such as can easily be excused as "cultural heritage" by the most hard-wired True Believers in conservative prolefeed, or are taught to think thus), a new research study you may have heard about on the news suggests laying the blame on fructose (alias "corn sugar," or so the industry's prolefeed hath it) and its byproducts (especially high-fructose corn syrup); said research hath it that fructose contains some class of components as manipulates the brain into thinking you're still hungry and need to eat all the more. In effect, short-circuiting such parts of the brain as are responsible for self-control and willpower.

Smaller cities around the world, including Our Morally-Superior United States,
can actually afford to  build and even operate their very own vest-pocket light-rail transit systems as use undeutilised railroad tracks (mostly industrial spurs), thereby saving on the cost--and with but minimal consumption of energy, not to mention having due regard for aesthetics. Those interested can find out more right here.



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