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and the same know meaning was hidden behind the picture.

So much for the notion now emerging in certain Religiopolitical Right circles, started by none other than The Oxycontin Boar "himself," about the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being that of Traditional Christian Values, Heritage and Identity Which Defines the "REAL AmeriKKKa" as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by Divine Will and Endowment: You also have the notion that the "natural evolutionary processes" inherent in said ekonomesie vryheid, &c., can do their part in Hastening the Final Perfection and Achievement of God's Zion on Earth, continuing essentially what apartheid South Africa was forced to abandon towards the Luscious Glory of those ends in abandoning apartheid.

Or so they hope.

Especially when said "natural evolutionary processes" turn out to be dogwhistle code for "complete and final regulatory relief" and "zeroing-out" taxes to an essentially nil rate as only gives sanction to cartel behaviour at its worse, with reckless and utter disregard for the interest of business and consumers alike.

Another unlikely article of faith for this emerging pseudo-theology
of Christelik Ekonomesie Vryheid
(to use the Afrikaans, the better to make the concept look even more obnoxiously stupid): The constant and conscious leverage of "commercial free speech" By Any Means Necessary, the implication here being that advertising's power and intrusion, no matter how deceptive, misleading, corrupt ot questionable it may be, is essential to further leveraging Christelik Ekonomesie Vryheid in His Name and Service as maximises the power and potential therefor.

Especially so in the Lower Classes, expected to be the "foot soldiers," as it were, all the more with their "wasteful and profligate" spending expected to "do their proper part for the economy" by not giving due regard to value for money, let alone the realistic need therefor and the need to "Buy Christian" as one with Serving His Greater Luscious Glory.

Reinforcing this notion of leveraged "commercial free speech" in service to Christelik Ekonomesie Vryheid: None other than the "pizza flyer" analogy from "Five Reports" scam letters of the late 1990's/early 2000's (as in "How many times were pizza flyers delivered to your doorstep until, suddenly, you were hungry for pizza?") to demonstrate its "power and intrusion," and the need for maximising its leverage. Complete with a willingness to cite Fox News Channel v. Franken and its "right to lie" precedent if and when challenged in terms of claims, representations or presentation thereof (especially so the subliminal, in and itself deceptive by virtue of its appeal to the subconscious, which can be abused or perverted under certain conditions).

And speaking of the whole "Commercial Free Speech" notion, Fox has announced that all advertising time on the Super Bowl worldcast next February has sold out, with a 30-second spot going for $1.4 million, a new record. Which can be a pretty penny for major advertisers whose one-off Super Bowl adverts can get to be especially more memorable as much as the Big Game, as proven by the likes of Doritos, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and GoDaddy.com
, to take some of the more obvious Super Bowl advertisers with especially memorable adverts therefrom.

Which brings up an obvious point to ponder: The very notion of AmeriKKKan radio and television somehow being free of cost (as opposed to the common European practice of assessing licence fees upon viewers and listeners by state-sponsored public broadcasters) is actually an illusory delusion: We the Real Americans actually pay for this supposedly "free" radio and television (howbeit indirectly, as in through our purchases of advertised products; the advertising thereof makes possible ad time that makes the very illusion possible).

Besides: Has anybody considered switching their consumer spending to such companies' products or services as don't rely on costly radio or TV advertising, translating for the most part into potential value for money (and, hence, "flipping the bird" at what could best be called the cartel mindsets of major national advertisers)?

(As a matter of fact, it was the cartel mindset of major national advertisers vis-a-vis prime-time TV advertising rates as was the unravelling of the Television Code of the National Association of Broadcasters by the Federal Trade Commission in its 1983 ruling in Alberto-Culver Co. v. National Association of Broadcasters; said case held that the Television Code was used to artifically, arbitrarily even, control television advertising rates and sponsor exposure in a manner incompatible with--you guessed it--ekonomesie vryheid, &c. The same ruling, as it turned out, also voided established industry bans on advertising contraceptives, firearms and liquor ... not to mention opening the floodgates for late-night infomercials.)

So much for the Luscious Glory of Christelik Ekonomesie Vryheid emerging (and at once worthy of challenge on as much theological as logical grounds)....

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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