18h UTC; FRIDAY, 9 AUGUST 2013: There seems to be this delusional notion in certain weird and unwholesome circles otherwise known as the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement insisting on the supremacy of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as essential to Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations ... for one, Charles Koch of the so-called "Citizens for a Sound Economy" (f/k/a "AmeriKKKans for Prosperity"), who's starting to push prolefeed insisting that any increase in the American mininum wage above the current $7.25/hour "threatens ekonomesie vryheid" and "undermines our competitive advantage."

All the while implying that said Amerikaanse eienskappe as explain the (presumed) superiority of ekonomesie vryheid relative to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity do not need further explanation or elaboration, as "everybody knows what they are," and that such are recognised "by unwritten tradition."

Yes, but isn't "unwritten tradition" the patsy conservative prolefeeders are deploying to excuse their disdain at the election of President Obama, as if insisting that only white, male, Bible-Believing Christians who can be expected to act the role of superdivinity--the old "Prophet, Seer and Revelator" game, a la the Mormons--are entitled "as of natural right" to seek the Presidential chair?

One thing the Christian Right loves to present in furtherance of its agenda is a revisionist image of AmeriKKKa as The Once and Future Shining City on a Hill, Jerusalem of Gold, God's Dear and Lovely Nation as of Divine Right and Will, all now in Clear and Present Danger of Betrayal and Compromise to Our Sworn Enemies (especially such as could be seen to be part of a "Deep State" supposedly comprising liberals, Progressives, homosexuals, atheists, freethinkers and other "undesirable elements as threaten Thy Dear and Lovely Land" lying in wait for the command to attack)--which probably brings Nazi German delusions of grandeur (and, in a way, those of apartheid South Africa) to mind.

In the former instance, the Anti-Defamation League is not very happy about where three German magazines of the Bauer Media Group have devoted recent issues to glamourisation of the Nazi regime and its leadership. As the ADL explains in a press release from their website:
In February 2013, ADL raised concerns about several of Bauer’s publications in a letter to the German government. Referring to the magazines, Militär & Geschichte [Military and History], Geschichte & Wissen [History and Knowledge], and Der Landser [The Soldier], the League noted their depictions of Gestapo founder and Hitler deputy Hermann Göring, Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl, and other figures and groups inseparably associated with the Nazi war machine.

“The Bauer Media Group’s publications may be within the letter of German law, but they may also be seen as legitimizing the Nazi regime,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director and a Holocaust survivor. “The issue of free speech is complex, but any glorification of the Nazi regime is simply unacceptable.”

In its February letter, ADL previously asked for an explanation of why the magazines had not been the subject of prosecution under German law against the propagation of Nazism. In response, the German government wrote: “[T]he content of those publications is repulsive [and] combating anti-democratic extremism has always been the highest priority of the German Government.” After citing the relevant law against Nazi propaganda, the letter indicated that the German constitution protects the freedom of the press and free speech and that the government and relevant authorities are monitoring and assessing the impact.

“We welcome the commitment of the German Government to maintain a vigilant eye on these publications and to take action if they cross the line,” Mr. Foxman said.
Tell me this isn't on a par with Fox News Channel and Glenn Beck's The Blaze seeking "mandatory coverage" as part of AmeriKKKan basic-cable lineups, via The Huffington Post:
The future of Canada's most controversial news network was thrown into doubt Thursday when the CRTC [Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, Canada's equivalent of the American FCC and the British Ofcom] rejected the network's application to be a mandatory part of basic cable.

But at the same time the telecommunications regulator announced it plans to hold a review of how national news services are licenced in Canada.

That appeared to be a response to arguments from Sun News that it should be granted mandatory carriage because other news networks enjoyed that status when they started out. But news channels as a rule are no longer mandatory.

Sun News exec Kory Teneycke had previously told the commission that a denial of a mandatory licence would be a "death sentence" for the fledgling news network, which is running losses in the C$16-million to C$18-million range annually.

The CRTC plans to hold these hearings in a very short timeline, asking the public to submit comments no later than Sept. 9, with a decision expected before the end of the year. That, too, appears to be a bow to Sun News and its concerns it could go out of business without regulatory support.

The CRTC says it is looking at these four principles for its licencing review:

- Distributors must offer all Canadian national news services (not necessarily on basic service).
- Distributors must place Canadian news services in close proximity in their channel lineup.
- National news services must be available in a package and on a stand-alone basis.
- National news services should be offered in the most appropriate packages according to their content.

The commission doesn't appear to be looking at the option of eliminating mandatory carriage altogether, an option that is popular with some consumers.

Though CBC News Network and CTV News Channel are no longer mandatory, the English language CBC news network is mandatory in Quebec, and the French version mandatory in English Canada.

The CRTC did grant mandatory carriage status to two channels: AMI TV, a service for visually impaired francophone Canadians, and Nouveau TV5, another French-language service.

A third channel will be made mandatory only in the northern territories: A public access channel broadcasting from inside the Nunavut and Northwest Territories legislative assemblies.

In its decision, the CRTC rejected numerous other mandatory carriage applications, including one from Starlight, a proposed channel that would show newly-made Canadian movies.

The CRTC reportedly said the channel did not meet the criteria for mandatory carriage.
And besides, what good is it for empowering the poor towards "self-reliance" when those pushing the concept as an article of faith want same emphasising the ideological (cf. the former Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, apartheid South Africa and present-day China and North Korea) at the expense of the practical, setting aside their tropes about "weaning the poor off government dependency" based (so they hope) upon a purely market-driven approach?

And could their next move towards such an otherwise noble motive be one of requiring children from "welfare-dependent" families attending public schools to participate in School-to-Work programmes as turn out being little better than Soviet-stylee ideologically-focused tirades having no regard for, nor interrelation to, practical employment-related topics like job search skills, writing an effective curriculum vitae, preparing for job interviews, using the Hidden Jobs Market to best advantage, &c.?


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