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17h14 UTC; FRIDAY, 16 MARCH 2012: One thing you can expect from the manufacturers of cheap canned Italian pasta dishes with meat (as in store-brand and generic-label such) within measurable distance, and in the (inevitable) name of "maximising consumer value" among especially the Lower Classes: An increased use of the so-called "pink slime" (as in low-grade ground beef trimmings with an ammonium solution added to kill bacteria) as schools who receive raw material for school lunches from the Department of Agriculture start passing on "pink slime" in favour of the real McCoy.

(In any event, don't expect Chef Boyardee to fall for it; their standards are too high to play along with cheap substitutes in the ingredients department, such being the legacy of its founder, Hector Boiardi [1898-1979], an Italian immigrant himself, since he opened his first Italian restaurant in Cleveland's financial district, Il Giordano d'Italia, in 1924. Its high quality of ingredients was such that the sauce, made with only vine-ripened Italian tomatoes, would eventually be put up in jars and made available for its diners to take home; by 1932, it would expand to a full line of canned Italian pasta dishes ... which, in 1946, would be sold to American Home Foods, with Signor Boiardi kept on as a consultant until just before his decease, with frequent TV commercial appearences all the while, many of which have made a comeback in recent months being incorporated into newer adverts for its current owners, ConAgra Foods.

(Boyardee, incidentally, was a phoneticised version of Boiardi to make it easier for American audiences to remember.

(Equally noteworthy is the fact that, before World War II, Chef Boyardee products were being advertised in several other languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and even Yiddish.)


Those seeking extra income, especially those from the underskilled and socioeconomically-disadvantaged, may want to be leery of want-ads before too long proclaiming PUBLIC TRANSIT GOES MLM! or suchlike in the wake of designs by certain cash-starved cities under the vise-like tentacles of "Tea Party" ideology and articles of faith to privatise public transit by "encouraging healthy innovation" to the point of provoking outright brawls seemingly choreographed to "Kung-Fu Fighting" among rival drivers seeking business at terminals, transfer points or other major stops.

Especially when the models preferred involve Independent Bus Operators' Associations (IBOA's) in the New Jersey stylee (never mind their becoming essentially an Endangered Species what with two such in the Bayonne/Jersey City area, Montgomery and Westside and Broadway, being pretty much the last of their breed; many other such would be amalagamated into NJ Transit or other private operators such as Coach USA, and last summer, the Bergen Avenue IBOA went bust, with Montgomery and Westside taking over its operating authority) and/or jitney cooperatives of the Atlantic City stylee, using minibuses of the sort as don't require a Commercial Drivers' Licence to operate.

Which, in any case, would require serious coordination and harmonisation by local governments as much as the operators themselves, to be achieved through a common fare structure and marketing startegem for the most part, for corporatisation to be seriously effective.

And in any case, be wary of any designs to use MLM-based models for public transit, as such have been known to emphasise downline-building more than the sale of actual products or services vis-a-vis income and earnings streams, with the vast majority of participants actually losing money.


Conservative prolefeeders, in their Luscious Glory of seeking to discredit the known interconnexion between global climate change and man-made causes, will love to use as "proof" recent unseasonably mild weather patterns in the Eastern and Midwestern regions of the United States as have seen new high-temperature records being broken wholesale for the time of year--in some cases, the old record(s) therefor having gone back 75 to 100 years previous, back when the whole science of meterology was not as complex as today and when the weather forecast was likely to be given via flag signals such as those which graced the annual cover of Dr. Miles' New Weather Almanac and Forecaster such as was given away by local druggists as a "thank-you" on behalf of Miles Laboratories, now part of Bayer Consumer Healthcare, at the local Post Office or some other prominent location, the details relayed via telegraph to such entrusted with displaying the signals (the 1934 such being typical in this respect):

Tell me this isn't exactly Your Correspondent's imagination going into overheat: Can you just imagine that Monty Python routine "Frontiers of Medicine" (about a supposed correllation between human and penguin intellect) being followed at the point where "You can say that again" displays on the screen with some choice scene from Happy Feet or (better still) Surf's Up, the transition to occur as seamlessly as possible so as to better catch audiences heretofore dozing off unawares and by surprise?

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