15h UTC; SUNDAY, 21 JULY 2013: As for the titling and stylee of today's post, Your Correspondent wishes to acknowledge the inspiration from Jan and Dean's "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" and the avant-garde (for 1952) insturmental "Little Red Monkey" by Frank Chacksfield's Tunesmiths, whose dominant feature was an early form of synthesiser in portmonteau, or close to it. Now you know.

It appears as if Michigan Governor Snyder's Noble Experiment of placing the city of Detroit in bankruptcy through the agency of an Emergency Procurator Fiscal, in essence destroying the Motor City to save it based on Jucheism welded onto Reddingsdaad, may be in trouble thanks to an obscure little clause in the Michigan State Constitution as protects public-employee pension funds and obligations per same that may be all the more gutted under the Detroit bankruptcy petition ... which, as at least one political observer is suggestion, could drive coach and horses through the Emergency Fiscal Manager Law which Snyder, with the blessings of his "Tea Party" and corporatist drookies, invoked to justify the first step towards what he hopes will be a Noble Experiment to Reclaim "REAL AmeriKKKa."

(But then again, what would stand in the way of a carefully-thought-out, racially and socioeconomically inclusive even, recasting of Detroit which uses the Afrikaner Economic Movement down South Africa way as its model and foundation, especially one founded on cooperative principles and concepts?)

Has anybody considered where the Unfortunate Events at Six Flags Over Texas on Friday (as in a woman being thrown, ejected even, from their Texas Giant rollercoaster to her death) may be Divine Wrath and Judgment Upon Texas for its recent passage of draconian anti-abortion measures that would make Ceausescu's regime in Romania look like the Atlantic City Boardwalk in its pre-casino Luscious Glory? (And we can do without Westboro Baptist exploiting same.)

So how exactly do lesbian mothers on otherwise "family-friendly" sitcoms on Disney Channel pose Clear and Present Risk of Moral Hazard and Corruption Upon Impressionable Children, as at least one Elmer Gantry-stylee "media critic" seeing things through the rose-coloured and distorted lens of an ideal seeing Branson's "music shows" as the defining standard of Amerikanischer Realkultur is suggesting? Is there any documented, peer-reviewed case history showing Moral Corruption and Degeneracy in children as were exposed to gay/lesbian characters in film or TV programming to the extent of having to be removed from his/her birth parents and into foster care (largely out of parental spite excused as being "Christian")?

And pray, how exactly does the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe become conditional upon that of "Bible-Believing Traditional Christian Values" being defended blindly, overzealously, even to the point of hard-wired orthodoxy (cf. apartheid South African insistence that the Afrikaner Economic Movement's byproducts, especially so the Federale Volksbeleggings [FVB], Bonuskor and Sankor unit trusts, all under the "wise and conscious management" of the well-connected life insurer Sanlam, became all the more successful by virtue of same being God's Own Country)?


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