16h30 UTC; TUESDAY, 30 APRIL 2013: Reader, I acknowledge it may be a little unusual of Your Correspondent to publish his daily missive a little earlier than usual in this space; however, especially fortunate circumstances make this exercise possible. That, and thinking of this as compensation for the fact that there may not be a post tomorrow because of out-of-town commitments in the interest of what my mental hygenists see as "developing Healthy Social Interactive Skills" or some such.

In any case, then:

The way the Elmer Gantryites are getting as paranoid as they are about what they perceive as the Loss of Our Dear Lovely Nation to Dark Satannic Forces, you can just imagine some of the more fanatical such (especially such dependent all the more upon Al Cohol for sermon inspiration and material, and usually at the last minute), in calling upon the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to show solidarity with the Afrikaner Peoples of South Africa in Danger of Persecution, to urge their poor and easily-manipulate flocks to remake Die Gelofte aan Bloedrivier (as opens "Here we stand before the Holy God of Heaven and Earth," as every white South African schoolboy was expected to memorise back in apartheid's Luscious Glory) as one with the Reclamation and Salvation of Our Dear Lovely Nation. And with the dominie bawling the Vow in a state of outright intoxication enow to raise questions about his mental state, thus making this renewal perhaps insincere to the point of dangerously unenforceable (IIBC, contracts made under duress or while mentally incapacitated are legally unenforceable).

For such still adamant in their Zealotry and True Belief about "AmeriKKKa needing to be more like China" in the interest of hastening socioeconomic recovery towards a (theoretical) nil rate of unemployment in line with the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as the foundation of Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations--if I understand it correctly, what you're really wanting is nothing less than a climate as excuses:
  • corruption, mismanagement, bribery and fraud;
  • gross waste and inefficiency in the name of "jobs creation";
  • nepotism and "official connexions" being condoned;
  • unhealthy and overzealous State interference with the economic paradigm (as in Five-Year Plans for which deviation cannot be tolerated);
  • gross disparities in income and wealth;
  • subjecting rural areas to contempt and disregard (likewise with migrant workers therefrom seeking work in the major cities, especially where residency permits are difficult to procure);
  • condoning hazardous, unsafe and unhygenic working conditions, and willful manipulation of workers' pay and benefits (including forced speedups and overtime, outright use of hazardous chemicals without due regard for workers' health or safety, even using children on the assembly line at reduced pay rates); and
  • essentially reducing women to the status of public property by constantly tracking their menstural cycles, using high-pressure tactics to enforce official "one child" policies and forcing women with subsequent pregnancies to have abortions and birth-control implants "in the national interest," reinforced by threats against their workplace vis-a-vis contract and subcontract work, even State operating subsidies designed to keep inefficient industries open in the name of "keeping people employed."
I hope you're all satisfied in seeing what you're really calling for here.

The Beetle for iPhone lovers? Volkswagen's exhibit at the Shanghai Motor Show includes a concept model they call the "iBeetle," which is essentially your basic VW Beetle whose dashboard is modified to include a docking pad for one's iPhone or iPod. Whether such would conform to prevailing local laws against making calls or sending text messages from cell phones while driving is anybody's guess.

Kudos for the first-ever integrated high-school prom at Georgia's Wilcox County High School last Saturday evening, made possible by a group of high-school students crossing the race bar--and donations from across the country. What's especially remarkable is that racist, white-supremacist and bigot groups managed to avoid interfering with the show, as well as refraining (AFAIK) from making terroristic threats against said prom, staged in defiance of "local tradition" excusing separate, racially-segregated such (unofficial, of course).

And something to watch out for as the summer break for schools approacheth: The prospect of certain parents insisting that the kids leave the house after breakfast and not return home until supper in the interest of "making better and wiser use of their time" around town, reinforced by summer-long bus, theme and waterpark passes and fully-loaded debit cards expected to be made use of all the more ... and on the first day of the summer break, the kids, dutifully playing along in this "wise use" exercise, come home for supper--only to find a Loud and Chaotic Police Raid on their house, with the parents having been found to be perousing and downloading child pornography all the while. (No wonder the parents wanted the kids out of the house during the day, yet resorted to euphemistic platitudes to avoid arousing suspicion, including the likes of "serious nervous breakdown," "having company over," "sickness," &c., as were carefully memorised in readiness for deployment in case security personnel, ride attendants, &c., started asking questions.)



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