BREAKING STORY!!! In case you've yet to hear by now, A Series of Unfortunate Events (Appy Polly Loggies there to Lemony Snickett) has shaken the Boston Marathon this afterlunch at the Copley Square finish line--as in two IED explosives as have killed two and maimed 22 others; this according to official Boston Police Department reports.

In the interim, the rumour mills among especially conservative prolefeeders must be starting to get hot with all manner of lurid speculation about "false flag" attacks being carried out as a backdoor to a State of National Emergency Powers being imposed by President Obama without prior warning (cf. recent claims by Glenn Beck on that President Obama has secret designs on "imperial powers" as would include beheading "Bible-Believing Christians" with martyrdoms rivalled only by the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacree under the direction of French Queen Catherine de Medici and Slagters Nek).

Which, if anything, should be a reminder to us Real Americans not to fall for rumours, unfounded gossip or even highly-sensationalised prolefeed of the crudest sort seeking to exploit Unfortunate Events such as this, in particular such lacking any credible substance beyond what turns out being "Hitler Diaries"-stylee forgeries on the cheap and quick. Especially such as can be spread quickly via Teh Innerwebz, in particular via chain e-mails and social media "chatter" picking up on right-wing prolefeed such. And in case you hear anything suspicious, contact your local police posthaste--preferably through the non-emergency number as should be in your telephone directory; 911 should only be used in the direst emergencies, in particular where life and/or property are in clear and present danger. "See Something--Say Something."

Don't fall for such who want the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to keep quiet and play dumb at times such as these if you want to keep your house, your job, your livelihood--especially in very conservative communities where Ignorance is held as Virtuous by what amounts to an unwritten Street Law not unlike The First Rule of Fight Club (as in "YOU DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!!!"), reinforced by especially strident renderings of the old "Uber Alles" (as in "Deutschland, Deutschland") or "Die Stem van Suid-Afrika."

In closing, Your Correspondent extends his sympathies and solidarity with those in the Hub City of the Universe as were afflicted by these Unfortunate Events, in particular the families of the dead and injured.



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