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14h53 UTC; SUNDAY, 25 MARCH 2012: Whenever Dr. William Worall Mayo (1819-1911), the "founding father" (as it were) of the world-renowned and far-famed Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, ran into an ur-mental block in doing laboratory research or medical diagnoses, he would note in his journal "Left open for further thought and research."

Which, come to think of it, can be said to happen to the best of us in Teh Greater Blogospheerez from time to time, just having to come up with snappy and enticing, readable even, blog post content as attracts attention and interest without having to be obnoxiously goodthinkful about it (as certain conservative ideologues want the Blogosphere to exercise, having to phrase things in an exact, concise, Reader's Digest-stylee formula as per prepared "talking points" sent in a daily e-mail expected to be seen as "guidance notes", emphasising more than likely irrelevant and isolated topics far removed from The Big Picture; the goal, it seems, being one of "winning hearts and minds" over to the Greater Conservative Agenda and its Articles of Faith As Will Reclaim Our Dear Beloved Land From Itself, or so we bloggers would be expected to accept).

And as part of this presumed fetish for concision in the Reader's Digest model (even to the extent of thinking in terms such as "short," "concise," "essentials", "basics" and "busy man" supposedly at risk of nervous breakdown having to digest the day's prolefeed within the constraints of limited time and resources, the which Reader's Digest sought to remedy with "an article a day of lasting interest, in condensed permanent booklet form," as the masthead went), expect such "talking points"-driven Zealots and True Believers to be pushing an equally-overzealous desire for bloggers to be exceptionally scrupulous in terms of tone and nuance, shades of meaning, syntax, even considering the possibility of alternative meanings to such captured standard vis-a-vis their choice of words, mindful of the desire to be concise all the more. Reinforced, if need be, by occasional "word lists" calling for the use of ur-Newspeak terms to "better emphasise the point in the fewest possible words," a la the Oceanic regime of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four (with ideological purpose expected to be first and foremost all the more).

And to further emphasise the "power and intrusion" of language bloggers are expected to exercise according to daily "talking points guidance," expect these same prolefeed misanthropes to call for the exceptionally scrupulous application of a so-called "syntax-word-key meaning" as per a certain David Lynn Miller, himself a dysfunctional excuse for a linguist whose "In-the: Truth" argot is notoriously popular among so-called "sovereign citizen" types hoping to confuse the legal system thereby.


Not many are aware of this, but Reader's Digest wasn't exactly the first magazine to make condensation of select articles from leading newspapers and magazines popular (though it was Reader's Digest that made same famous): The Canadian newsweekly Maclean's owes its origins to The Busy Man's Magazine, founded by Toronto trade-magazine publisher Lt.-Col. John Bayne Maclean in the fall of 1905 as a reworking of his just-acquired Business Magazine offering "the Cream of the World's Magazines reproduced for Busy People." Before too long, however, reprints in condensed form took a back seat to calls for articles seeking to promote a Canadian worldview from Canadian writers in response to the flood of popular American magazines targeting Canadian readers and advertisers with American perspectives at the time.

By 1910, original articles outnumbered reprints for the first time, enough to prompt renaming the magazine Maclean's with the March 1911 number, eventually becoming a twice-monthly popular-interest magazine as would later go back to monthly issue, eventually becoming a fortnightly (and later weekly) news magazine.

Reader's Digest itself was founded in a Greenwich Village apartment in early 1922 by DeWitt Clinton Wallace and his wife, Lila Acheson Wallace; over time, it would begin accepting original articles and recurring features (the best known being "Life in These United States/This Wide World," "Laughter, the Best Medicine" and "It Pays to Increase Your Word Power") in addition to condensing such from leading publications, and expand its reach throughout the world with editions in some 15 languages, as well as in Braille, large type and monthly recordings for the disabled. (In fact, the American edition did not accept advertising until its March 1958 issue, whereas Latin American editions in Spanish and Portugese had such appearing as early as 1940 to counterweight pro-Axis propaganda.)


In any case, expecting bloggers like myself (as in a learning and comprehension disorder that, aggravated by past psychemotional abuse and cruelty, prevents his holding down steady employment) to basically parrot carefully-scripted talking points according to a cut-and-dried formula serving little more than warped ideological purpose (especially when expected to weigh his phraseology against an idealised "syntax-word-key meaning") is only asking too much to the point of unwittingly asking for trouble.

And instead of expecting such formula-driven blogging to "help rescue Our Dear Lovely Nation from itself," or so such behind this formula-driven approach hope to achieve thereby, such only risks undermining the Nation and the liberties thereby represented by--you guessed it--manipulating the power of language according to cut-and-dried formulae based on "guidance notes," "word lists" and applying "syntax-word-key meanings" to the final product.

Given my previously-explained state of affairs requiring me to use blogging as my canvas of expression through Teh Innerwebz, and its being highly unlikely that Your Correspondent would come into money within measurable distance, such explains the "why and wherefore" of my calling for your fiscal support of this New Explosion of Pedigreed Bull on Teh Innerwebz as I do in supplementing the disability benefits I draw on from State Social Security--as in the "Donate" button (via PayPal, know; though not tax-deductible, any amount you can spare would be appreciated) and my having to include the Online Mall as part of this site's amenities and distractions (with part of the commission I would get from your purchases helping some Good Causes, out of a sense of Social Responsibility).

Hence, this blog being "left open for further thought and research" as it is, considering where Your Correspondent must go through a lot of mental strain trying to figure out what to post. And without any sort of outside interference breathing down my neck, as it were (and besides, "Tea Party" types have no monopoly on playing such tropes, nor ought they live under such delusions).

REMEMBER THIS: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated. And if ever you need to contact me with questions, comments, whatever, please do so through this page; the which is necessary to preempt "spam" generated through the greater website.





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