00h UTC; TUESDAY, 26 JUNE 2012: So let's get on with the topics to hand already:
  • Could it be that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, still relishing the Luscious Glory of surviving the recall attempt against him early on in the month, may be shopping around for some class of High-Yield Investment Plan (HYIP) for to invest State of Wisconsin pension funds with an eye towards maximising potential returns thereon without due regard for due dilligence and the Prudent Man Rule (both of which Walker's drookies are liekly to dismiss as "mere formalities***only wasting time and resources" to the extent of "preventing realistic leverage" therefrom)--especially when it emerges that the HYIP in question turns out to be based offshore, officially "for tax reasons" (as turns out being code for "being prevented from trading stateside due to outdated and archaic rules, laws and regulations" regarding the sale and offering of investment securities)?
  • Sticking with the old HYIP concept for a moment, it'll be interesting to see how much longer it'll be before the first hybrids thereof with "loan trusts" supposedly "helping restore AmeriKKKan jobs and prosperity" based on the disciplines of Reddingsdaad and Helpmekaar, and on a foundation encapsulated in the motto 'n Volk red homself (provided such is based on ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe first, last and always) start being marketed heavily in the overnight infomercial blocks, using much the same pathetic tactics used by pseudoreligious types to coax donations out of the vulnerable by claiming the whole is a "Mission from God" (cf. The Blues Brothers), all the while downplaying the clear and present risks inherent in all investments as include loss of monies invested while insisting that God and Country call for the "leveraging" of as much idle monies from the "REAL AmeriKKKan" into "productive capital" serving a "people-centred" model of socioeconomic rescue rivalled only by that of the Afrikaner Economic Empowerment campaigns of the 1939-48 period down South Africa way.
  • Meanwhile, Your Correspondent understands that Die Volkstaat Orania, between Kaapstad and Kimberly in the Oranje River Valley, could use some fresh white, "racially-aware" and Bible-Believing Christian settlers--in particular such specimens of "Tea Party" rank-and-file hubris dominated largely by the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" unlikely to face the Reality of a changing America (especially so "poor white trash" likely to identify with the Afrikaner Volk seeing in the Volkstaat ideal the Last Great Hope for the Luscious Glory of the Afrikaner People and Nation).
  • Tell me this isn't exactly bizarre coincidence worthy of Ripley: Alex Trebek (71), the longtime host of the syndicated game show Jeopardy!, suffered what the show's producers (viz., CBS Television Productions and Sony Pictures Television) described as a "mild heart attack" at the weekend, and are hoping for his recovery in time for taping of the show's 29th season to begin in mid-July ... said heart attack coinciding with Jeopardy! winning Best Game Show at the Daytime Emmy Awards this past weekend. Which, in any case, ought be enough to have the producers start thinking about who might want to replace Meneer Trebek as host in case his condition suddenly deteriorates, one who can be photogenic and at once maintain the high standards and popularity thereof
  • How do we know some of the rather substantial "private time" claimed by the aforementioned Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker of late isn't really being spent in perousal of child pornography of exceptionally crude and depraved sort, and on official State of Wisconsin computers with State of Wisconsin Innerwebz connexions, besides? (Especially so the sort tending to "miscegenation" and bestiality.)
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