00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 27 JUNE 2012: Perhaps it was time that we just "got down to business," as it were, with today's topics:
  • How do we know that Yahweh God isn't using Tropical Storm Debbie as His Wrath Upon Florida in response to campaigns by Governor Rick Scott reeking of Voter Suppression, especially where Dark Satanic Pacts involving the Mitt Romney campaign and Die Broers Koch come unto the equation?
  • As if Fox News' regarding ignorance (or, in Newspeak, "goodthinking") as virtuous and patriotic wasn't awful enough, consider where North Koreans (and reporters covering North Korea) are being expected to see things from the perspective of Beautiful Downtown Pyongyang in order to grasp the greater context thereof.
  • It'll be interesting to see how many of the "for-profit" "career institutes" targeting especially "REAL AmeriKKKans" not otherwise deemed fit for college or vocational school start invoking within measurable distance "sovereign citizen"-stylee tactics in response to news that the Department of Education has put the industry On Notice that such schools failing to meet the "gainful employment" mandate for graduates therefrom will have eligibility for Federal loan and grant assistance revoked; in fact, 5% of such "career institutes" have failed all three of its performance metrics, with another 35% failing at least one such.
    (Specifically, the "gainful employment" mandate is based on a "35-12-30" formula, as in: at least 35% of graduates therefrom must timely repay their loans; said loans must have annual repayment rates as cannot exceed 12% of a typical graduate's total earnings; and the annual repayment amounts must be no greater than 30% of discretionary income.)
  • Overheard: Orbitz customers who use Macintosh computers equipped with the MacOS installed are more likely to be offered more expensive hotel choices than such with more common-or-garden PC's equipped with Windows, Linux or Opera.
  • So much for the Moral Superiority of Free Enterprise: A judge in Quebec has ordered the Canadian affiliate of Dunkin Donuts to pay its Canadian franchisees C$60 million in damages for failing to take adequate steps to prevent harmful competition from its dominant Canadian rival, Tim Horton's, to the detrius of Dunkin Donuts across The True North, Strong and Free, since the mid-1990's.
  • Tell me this isn't a worthwhile way to save energy: Several Japanese politicians have called for TV stations to suspend daytime programming in line with official calls for reducing energy consumption in the wake of damage to the Fukushima nuclear-power station in the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami reducing available power supplies to the Japanese national grid. (Which may be just as well, what with daytime TV programming in Japan of late tending to chat shows and infomercials/teleshopping.)
  • ExxonMobil doesn't want you to know that the five states which participated in its National Math and Science Initiative (as per a current "winning of hearts and minds" TV advert) are actually of the former Confederacy, which never valued free secular public education highly--especially so in the Luscious Glory of Jim Crow before Mendez v. Westminster School District (1947) and Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954) put an end to "separate but equal" schools for whites and "coloureds" (the latter more likely to have substandard facilities, teachers and curriculum by willful and conscious design, notwithstanding Plessy v. Ferguson, vintage 1896, mandating "separate but equal" facilities for blacks until Brown reversed Plessy on its head).

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