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00h22 UTC; MONDAY, 25 JUNE 2012: Guess who's laughing now at all the predictions about gas prices rising to around $4/gallon by about this time over the winter: Credit the deteriorating socioeconomic situation (especially in Europe) and improvements in refining technology for where gas prices have started falling(!!) for the last several weeks, to the point where some are predicting that the price for a gallon of regular unleaded could fall to as much as $2.75/gallon by the time of the American Presidential elections in November (and we can do without the lurid and tastelessly anti-Semitic conspiracy theories explaining the likelihood therefor).

Which, in any case, should be no reason to go into a mode of complacency excusing the wasteful, ineffective and counterproductive vis-a-vis driving habits; rather, such should be all the more reinforcement to continue maximising fuel economy by:
  1. maintaining proper tyre pressure, and rotating the tyres at recommended intervals;
  2. performing a simple tuneup;
  3. filling the tank completely, refilling only when the fuel gauge starts getting low;
  4. adding a decent fuel-line cleaner at every refill (to help improve fuel economy and engine performance; add the cleaner before adding fuel for best results);
  5. driving no higher than the posted speed limit (on rural Interstates, about 5 mph less would go a long way);
  6. avoiding wasteful and unnecessary acceleration designed only as a display of exaggerated machismo;
  7. taking a brief rest break every 300 miles (roughly every five hours' driving); and
  8. if feeling drowsy, pull off the highway, preferably at the nearest rest area or motel, and rest a few hours.

Speaking of refining technology improvements, in the early 1950's, Bunker C fuel oil was rather cheap and difficult to refine into gasoline or diesel oil ... which made it Union Pacific's fuel of choice for their legendary fleet of high-horsepower turbine-electric locomotives as were placed into service across four orders between 1951 and 1958, all from General Electric, for long-distance mainline freights as far as Provo, Utah (although they did reach Los Angeles briefly in the early 1960's, only to be objected to because of the noise). In time, however, refining improvements as essentially meant the end of Bunker C, combined with improvements in dlesel-electric motive power reliability and performance, meant the end of the oil turbines, with the last going off the roster at the end of 1969.


If the "Tea Party" crowd is so desirious of inflicting "collateral damage" (as they prefer to euphemise the adverse impact of social safety net cuts) upon the Lower Classes a la Timothy McVeigh's presumed application thereof in the Oklahoma City Incident in excusing the martyrdoms of innocent civilians, children in particular, perhaps they might want to recall where Nazi propagandists had the idea of making hay out of "collateral damage" from Allied bombing raids upon German cities in mid-World War II by issuing signs to afflicted homeowners as proclaimed Unsere Mauern brechen, aber nicht unser Herzen! ("Our walls may break, but not our hearts!"), for promiment display in newsreel footage.

Not to mention creating the notion that many German households had a "Hitler altar" in the main parlour as a show of devotion and loyalty to Der Fuerher (cf. the Japanese tokonoma in terms of concept) as supposedly survived said bombing raids.


With Appy Polly Loggies to Mad magazine, here's A Great Walmart Steakout ("As Seen on National TV!") Your Correspondent Would Love to See: When being told that the diners were actually served Walmart Supreme Steaks, the steakhouse where the experiment is being carried out breaks out into spit gags, gasps of outright disbelief (including some of the Seven Dirty Words or their variants) and fodder worthy of a South Park episode in its Luscious Glory of deflating the ego of "REAL AmeriKKKan" small-town conservatism, never mind the TV-MA (for mature, sophisto adults) rating almost always given episodes thereof.

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