00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 26 JUNE 2013: If I may explain, reader, Your Correspondent (howbeit not without some difficulty, understand--not to mention mental frustration) tweaked around this website a little bit this afterlunch, largely to remove some deadwood (so to speak) and suchlike in the interest of improving download times and appearence. Hopefully, such ought be to your liking and approval.

Meanwhile, here in the blog, only three essays will now display by default instead of the five heretofore; to compensate, the "recent posts" listing now features the 50 most recent such for those among you as want to see (and, hopefully, share) a particular such. As well, provision is now made for you to leave comments via Facebook here in the blog and the Online Mall page; such would be greatly appreciated among the Facebook fraternity.

Still, though, Your Correspondent would be interested in another decent traffic exchange service to seriously improve the traffic numbers; LinkShare, it seems, does work, but can only go so far. He'd prefer something as isn't a scam, nor a "lookee-likee" of other blog traffic exchanges, as seems to be the case with some such using a common script template in service thereof, but with different stylees.

Meanwhile, readers, if you think dollar-store toothpaste is a big gyp (and then some), especially after the ethylene glycol scare a few years back as hit such brands as Shir-Fresh and Dr. Cool that were imported from China, something you might want to consider instead is this ultra-concentrated toothpaste from Germany that Your Correspondent's trying outicon; it only takes a very minute amount (about the size of a grain of rice, know) thereof to meet your dental hygiene requirements, but it manages to do the job on both teeth and tongue. Especially because it's low foaming, and doesn't translate into too much waste as those dollar-store toothpastes can get.

(As reminder, and to keep on the right side of the law, Your Correspondent needs to explain that he was not given nor offered any consideration by Smallflower.com, as offers the product in question, to influence the tone and content of the preceding; the only consideration he would get is the commissions from your purchases thereof when the link is clicked on, and what's more, he urges you, the consumer, to make your own best judgments on the product and its merits. Preferably via the expedient of a fair trial.

(Come to think of it, consider buying a few extra tubes to give to "care package" initiatives for our troops overseas in your community; the concentrated nature of the product will certainly be a big win-win.)



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