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21h30 UTC; SUNDAY, 3 MARCH 2013: Temptation, it seems, has got the better of Your Correspondent in posting this on Sunday after quite awhile of not doing so in the hope of seeing whether such would have serious adverse impact on traffic and readership. But then again, don't expect such to likely be a regular habit any time soon.

Even when you consider that the Minnwissippi is now under a Winter Storm Warning of the highest order, with effect from 06h local time tomorrow morning until 18h local time Tuesday evening, and for some 10" of heavy snow (usually wetter and denser than average, and certain to be of the "drought-buster" sort) when it's all over.

Something as may want to be watching for in especially country areas revered by conservative prolefeeders to be the "REAL AmeriKKKa" they claim to be the One True Voice and Conscience of: The prospect of sequestration-mandated funding cuts to mental health programmes prompting Community Mental Health Clinics as send out counsellors on a "circuit-rider" basis unwittingly using such seeing in their positions a cheap and cheerful way to push "Tea Party," "9-12" and "Christian Patriot" agendae and talking points in especially the vulnerable and easily-manipulate. Besides, country areas traditionally see a higher risk for mental illness and related disorders (remember Wisconsin Death Trip, anyone?)

With the "Tea Party" agenda calling for, inter alii, the "complete and final" abolition of the Federal Reserve System with concurrent reinstatement of "Constitutional monetary policies" (i.e., reinstatement of the gold standard per pre-1933 monetary policies), yet being rather unclear as to who would assume the functions of the Federal Reserve with respect to setting monetary policies and guidance, you have to wonder if "Tea Party" types have no realistic concept of money. Especially absent any clear formula on how the dollar would have to be revalued vis-a-vis the Treasury's current gold reserve holdings at Ft. Knox, KY and West Point, NY--the which could also include certain numismatically-significant gold coins obtained during the 1933 call in of all outstanding gold coin holdings in the United States.

(BTW, since 1967, any outstanding Gold Certificates issued prior to 1933 by the Treasury are deemed to be legal tender in payment of any debt; however, be aware that the Treasury is under no obligation to honour any demands for redemption thereof in gold coin if you were to turn such in to your local bankers.)

What we Real Americans (as opposed to Fox News' version therefor) want to know:
For one, whether school texts used in voucher-accepting charter schools overtly promote racist, nativist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and jingoistic viewpoints and articles of faith. As well as, for that matter, sugar-coated delusions of grandeur vis-a-vis apartheid South Africa from the "privileged" White minority perspective, especially when police and military atrocities in its name against Blacks and "coloureds" (in particular Sharpeville and Soweto) are glossed over.

For another, whether the defence that the "Tea Party" and suchlike have about ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being Essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations is really concealing an agenda condoning RAMJAC-model Fascism, with its Luscious Glory of cartel behaviour and its depravities (cf. the 23 Corporations in the National Interest as controlled Fascist Italy's socioeconomic paradigm under State interference), as being one with the "natural evolutionary processes" of ekonomesie vryheid, &c. (And if so, what hints are they dropping in this respect?)



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