00h UTC; MONDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2012: As another week begins here in the Minnwissippi region, fall, doubtless, has arrived (and with some discernible frost as well, perfect timing right then and there) ... and the colour has started to get more discernible, but not quite vibrant enow to bring out the colour crowds (peak thereof is in about a week or two here).

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Meanwhile, on with the topics of the moment:
  • Alabama seems to have this delusion rivalled only by apartheid South Africa (witness the latter's Suppression of Communism Act 1950) holding that anything and everything which does not conform to the established status quo is, for all purposes and intents, Communistic-tending. Witness where the chairman of the Heart of Dixie's RepubliKKKan Party was overheard suggesting, without any credible evidence whatsoever, that President Obama's "real" father was a Known and Notorious Communist as thus indoctrinated him in tender youth.
    (But then again, such concepts are nothing new down that way: Back in 1953, Alabama's Superintendent of Public Education wanted textbook publishers to supply sworn statements that the authors of school texts thus approved were not Communist Party members or otherwise known Communist sympathisers or fellow-travellers.)
  • News guaranteed to be spun out of control for atrocity prolefeed ends by the Islamophobist camp and "Tea Party" types seeking for AmeriKKKa the title-in-abeyance formerly held by apartheid South Africa as God's Own Country (who, for all we know, are probably one and the same): Three female limousine drivers working out of Rochester, MN are suing the limousine companies they worked for, a Saudi prince and the Royal Saudi Government for Sexual Discrimmination and Sexual Harrassment after the prince in question, while he was undergoing treatments a few years back at the Mayo Clinic, requested that he have male drivers exclusively; the chauffeusses contend that their lawsuit seeks to send a message about the treatment of women in the Muslim world generally and in Saudi Arabia, as contains its holy centres of al-Makkah and al-Mina, to which the devout direct their five-times-daily prayers; women there are not allowed to operate motor vehicles or otherwise be seen in public without a male blood relative acting as minder.
  • Some among the Elmer Gantryite camp may probably be conflating things by implying that the defence of Bible-Believing Christian Values Essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity are likewise and concurrently those of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, as if implying that the defence of one concept supposedly under attack or threat is automatically and mutually that of the other. Yet they lack any specific or credible Biblical justification, as seems to be usual.
  • Meanwhile, we may have a new "Hitler Diaries" on our hands--as in that bit of papyrus supposedly from the 4th century CE suggesting that Jesus may have had a wife, which made the rounds last week; at least one Biblical researcher has gone on record to suggest that said papayrus may actually be of later origin, and the writings more recent.
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