00h UTC; TUESDAY, 3 JULY 2012: Considering where much of the "morally superior" United States is baking under record or near-record heat which, for the most part, may be the byproduct of global warming (conservative prolefeed notwithstanding), and with a full moon set for sunset this evening, Your Correspondent has to wonder how insane the United States could be even further in these Interesting Times. Nonetheless, he's trying to stay as cool as possible under the circumstances.

But then again, there's plenty more worth discussing this go-round:
  • It's one thing for Walmart to speak about the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as being essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity ... but it becomes doublethink when Walmart turns to us Good Taxpayers to assist in constructing new locations in predominantly lower-income, socioeconomically-disadvantaged or National Minority-dominant "group areas," as it were when they already have more than adequate resources on their own to construct stores without risking leaving the taxpayers on the hook.
  • Speaking of Walmart: With one of their Low Price Challenge adverts of late using a till receipt from a recent shopping trip at a competitors' as the basis for comparison, what exactly would preclude someone from using this same tactic against Walmart for once vis-a-vis competitors, and start a serious price war as long as we're at it? (BTW, it must be "apples-to-apples"; i.e., exact same brands, sizes, colours, &c., and no other discounts or coupons are allowed. And remember, retailers are reserved quantity-limit rights except in New Mexico.)
  • Speaking of price wars, looks like we may be seeing a return to the good old days of "gas wars" out in Martin's Ferry, OH, where two stations across the street from each other have engaged in a relentless price war over recent weeks, each matching the other's price drops day by day.
  • Expect no rest for the likes of Media Matters for America, Right Wing Watch, Politifact, FactCheck, ConWebWatch, SourceWatch, even Snopes.com, in their constant vigil and que vive of the likes of Newsmax, WorldNetDaily, Accuracy in Media, Drudge, Breitbart, CNSNews and OneNewsNow vis-a-vis the latest "exclusive" pronouncements from the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign, such being the preferred media conduits inasmuch as the mainstream media is seen to "take remarks out of context" and "distort" such "with intent to mislead or deceive."
  • Blame it on the exceptional picture quality of HDTV: Major League Baseball hath it that attendance at its several stadia is down significantly in the season to date, translating into quite the bargain for such looking for MLB tickets through StubHub.com and the like. As if that weren't enough, the National Football League has announced that its Home Market Blackout Rule will be modified somewhat starting this season.
  • How do we know that certain overzealously hard-wired to the point of fanatical "Tea Party" followers aren't clandestinely listening in to Iranian or North Korean shortwave radio broadcasts in their Luscious Glory of fanatical prolefeed, and excusing such as "research" into propaganda technique?
  • And remember this: Whenever the "Tea Party" speaks about the likes of "national unity and cohesion," "Our Dear Lovely Nation" and crap like that, think ORION ("Our Race Is Our Nation") as the likely context implied here. Which should be cluedo enow to suggest that the "Tea Party" is pure, unadulterated racism and White Christian Nationalism par excellence rivalled only by the German-American Bund in the 1930's, the John Birch Society early on and apartheid South African expectations of the Luscious Glory of White South Africa being happy campers in support thereof.
As for tomorrow, the 4th--??

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