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18h UTC; SUNDAY, 13 OCTOBER 2013: If there were, perhaps, some sort of literary analogy to the Current Sordid State of Affairs in Washington, made even worse by last-minute ideologically-driven manouvering creating, in essence, a low-profile dictatorship as threatens the prestige of Thy Dear and Lovely Land and her Antient and Peculiar National and Sovereign Identity, may I be the first to suggest the Alexandre Dumas story "Zodmirsky's Duel", as inspired an episode of the Escape radio programme entitled "The Second Shot" (as broadcast over CBS Radio on 25 March 1954; you can listen to, or download it, here, if inclined).

As summarised by the website, an unofficial tribute site to the CBS Radio cliffhanger adventure programmes Escape and Suspense:
As the episode opens, two men are taking their places in a pistol duel. They count off their paces and bang! Lt. Daumier wins the duel. His opponent, one of his own comrades, lies dead.

Afterwards, Daumier is called into the colonel's office for an official interview. He is told that his record is impressive, but his habit of getting into constant duels and killing his fellow soldiers is a problem. All Lt. Daumier seems to care about is defending his honor, and the colonel warns him not to start any more duels. Lt. Daumier then starts a challenge to the colonel, but backs down when he is told that threatening an officer is a crime. Lt. Daumier then asks if it is a crime to issue a challenge to an officer for personal reasons. The answer is no.

The colonel wishes that Lt. Daumier would grow up and hopes that the coming campaign against the Austrians will calm him down.

Later, the colonel is invited to a dinner by a fellow officer and meets the beautiful Marian. He quickly falls for her, and Marian accepts his attention, but seems hesitant.

What she hasn't told him is that she once exchanged rings with someone else! As it turns out, the man with whom she was previously involved was Lt. Daumier.

When Lt. Daumier finds out that Marian is now involved with the colonel, he calls for a duel!
As for said duel, it turns out that among its conditions, one of the pistols has to be unloaded and, even sillier still, both have to take two paces before firing on the count of three. In the end, both pistols in this duel turn out to be unloaded!

(You're best to listen to the episode in full [q.v.] to appreciate the Deeper Significance of this trick.)

Meanwhile, to such insisting that "liberals" and "progressives" are somehow in Unholy and Dangerous Alliance with al-Qaeda or Taleban elements "seeking to undermine Our Dear and Lovely Nation," may I call your attention to the following (as found in Facebook, know):

So what hast thou to say now, ye who see yourselves as "REAL AmeriKKKans" in thy Luscious Glory of easily-manipulated poverty, fecundity and ignorance excusing a warped and delusional brand of "race honour" not even apartheid South Africa could match.

And if you're still thinking that keeping taxes on the "Producer" class all the lower in the name of "aiding job creation"--think again, Buster Brown. You keep getting it all wrong. Not to mention harbouring the Grand Delusions that the private sector can create jobs like magic "if only they made a sincere and whole-hearted effort to" in the first place ... that especially the "welfare basket cases" can find work "if only they made the effort to" (unaware that many of the low-skilled jobs have been offshored "for tax reasons") ... and that the poor need to rely all the more on their own "natural unity" (Volkseenheid in the Afrikaans) to empower themselves out of their own "poor whiteism" and into self-reliance, to be achieved solely through spontaneous campaigns of Reddingsdaad ("rescue deed") such as channel the "idle monies" of the "REAL AmeriKKKans" into "productive capital" through constant and conscious leverage expected to serve God and Country, by way of a Reddingsdaadfond ("Rescue Deed Fund") serving a new form of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe itself expected to be "people-centrist" by emphasising employment and jobs creation over simple wealth creation ('n Mense se Ekonomesie Vryheid, as it were).

But to expect such to be as spontaneous as Minerva's issuing forth from the brow of Zeus, per Greek mythology, is asking too much. Likewise with expecting the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to turn solely upon themselves and their own resolve and resources, adapted to prevailing local conditions and experience, to achieve the Luscious Glory thus desired, any offers of assistance, tools or resources to be blindly and willingly refused as "perpetuating dependency and its enslaving effects."

Meanwhile, consider the closing image below to be, in its own way, reflective of this blog's approach to viewing the world from the perspective of One of Those People Our Parents Warned Us About (and, hopefully, coming out unscathed without even the slightest sign of "schizophrenic germs" infection ensuing):


"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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