00h30 UTC; THURSDAY, 26 DECEMBER 2013: Temptation has come unto Your Correspondent to break into the current holiday break in blogging--in particular his desiring to mention at this time that said break is being used to do some minor tweaking and improvements upon this very blog, which he feels are very needed and are likely to be welcomed.

In particular a change in the general typography of this website; I hope that such is much easier on the eyes and is equally more readable.

And for another, the Online Mall is seeing its share of improvements and tweaking, with a few new e-tailer affiliates having been added (which should be to your pleasing, know) and, from early next year, a new feature off to the side of the page as will feature special time-limited offers from some of my e-tailer affiliates that you may find interesting in their own right. Such will be constantly changing for the most part, and Your Correspondent trusts it'll make the Online Mall even more worthy of your time on a regular basis.

In closing, Your Correspondent hopes that the Festive Season festivities
of its readers continue to go swimmingly--especially so in moderation and temperance. And that he hopes to keep you all the more enlightened in this The Blog Our Parents WARNED(!!) Us About in AD 2014/AL 6014, enow to make it even more of a habit worth sharing.

Any comments or suggestions with respect to the tweaks being made in this site can be left in the comments section, or, for those who insist on discreet communication, using the e-mail feedback form following.

And now, back to Your Correspondent's previously-scheduled holiday break....

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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