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00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 30 JANUARY 2013: The old Chinese saying "May you live in Interesting Times" seems to be all the more truer these days here in the Minnwissippi and the Upper Midwest as a mix of sleet, snow, freezing rain, freezing drizzle and straight rain hath fallen since Sunday ... and just this very evening, to make things even more worse, a Winter Storm Warning goes into force for the prospect of heavy, wet snow that, when you add in slick roads from recent weather, could make the going even more treacherous in this morning's commute; hence, the likelihood of wholesale school closings taking up the morning shows on area radio and TV stations big time.

And please, we can do without the Divine Wrath invocations and prolefeed as well.

Especially considering the news that the Boy Scouts of America may be about to see the light vis-a-vis its long-cherished objections to homosexuals being full-on Scouts or otherwise in positions of confidence and trust of any kind; such being seen as "incompatible with the traditions and values of Scouting" that, for the most part, tend to the dated and cherished by certain conservative prolefeeders. Final decision on the change of heart is expected at a policy meeting next month, with local councils and troops expected to have final say on allowing homosexuals in Scouting's olive-clad ranks.

Which could be enough for the Elmer Gantryite element to respond by calls for pulling the children of its followers from Scouting-related organisations (Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts and Explorers) and into a new "Christian-centred" youth movement as turns out being modelled on South Africa's Afrikaner-centrist Scouting-ersatz, Die Voortrekkers, with its core values and ideology revolving heavily on Afrikaner and Christian Nationalist identity, honour and heritage tinged with appeals to conflated race/national identity encapsulated in the ORION acronym (as in "Our Race Is Our Nation").

And methinks I know what the RepubliKKKan ideal for uplifting the ranks of the "REAL AmeriKKKan," in his Luscious Glory of overzealously race-conscious poverty, fecundity and ignorance as can be manipulated when and if required, really is: Videlicet, claiming "National Economic Emergency" status for to justify emergency suspension in "designated Federal Areas" (i.e., lower-income ZIP+4 codes) of proscriptions on pyramid schemes disguised as "cashflow gifting clubs" in all the known permutations (including "Aeroplane," "Dinner Party," "Pit Stop," "Friends Helping Friends" and various affinity-related permutations such as "Christians Helping Christians," "Women Helping Women" and "Farmers Helping Farmers"); the which RepubliKKKan prolefeeders will likely see as "organic, spontaneous, people-centred socioeconomic recovery and stimulus***born out of the Volk to serve the Volk."

Unfortunately, what the RepubliKKKans behind this scheme don't want you knowing is that such "cashflow gifting" schemes are structured so that only those in the highest levels, in their Luscious Glory of selfish hubris and perverted Christianity excusing contempt for the poor, stand to profit all the more, especially so through "consulting fees."

Perhaps it would be better for the Real American, not the prolefeed simulation thereof, if such "gifting clubs" were actually restructured along "friendly society" models in the English fashion; i.e., as mutually-structured insurance and savings societies targeting the socioeconomically-vulnerable and marginalised. No doubt sure to dovetail just as nicely with their desideratum of denationalising State Social Security with an eye towards "promoting increased respect for self-reliance and personal responsibility" somehow seen as lacking in the existing State model.

Which brings to mind my suggesting where the Real American should call out RepubliKKKan politicos for actual, viable, credible examples from the Here and Now of such models of socioeconomic stimulus and poverty ameiloration conforming to their agenda and articles of faith insisting, for one, that 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself") ... and, for another, that "Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything."

The which that ilk doesn't openly want to acknowledge, and the reasons therefor perhaps worth asking about, especially when Town Meetings come up during the spring Congressional break in their home districts. Or, alternately, through correspondence with their offices in Washington, being polite and yet professional all the while, insisting on documentation and references to substantiate as opposed to carefully-scripted, "focus-group tested" even, platitudes designed to maximise prolefeed value. (And if they refer to the likes of "9-12"-model groups, treat such with suspicion.)

Hence, my suggesting that such be worth sharing (responsibly, know) with your online friends who think for themselves. Know the difference between judgement and fancy. Trust facts, not opinions. (With full Appy Polly Loggies there to Viceroy cigarettes' advertising in the late 1950's and early 1960's under the theme "The Man Who Thinks for Himself Knows ... Only Viceroy Gives You a Thinking Man's Filter in a Smoking Man's Taste.") Or what otherwise intervenes?



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