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18h UTC; FRIDAY, 15 MARCH 2013:
Just when the thinking seems to be one about spring being all the sooner about this time, there can't help but be at least one or two more Major Winter Storms to intervene and delay things all the more. Especially here in the Midwestern United States, which seem to get the worst of this segue's weather scenarios.

Beautiful Downtown Pyongyang seems to be rather paranoid to the point of superstitious in suggesting (via the official Korean Central News Agency--KCNA for short) that the United States and South Korea are fully liable for a series of "hacking attacks" upon official North Korean regime websites in recent days. Especially considering that Innerwebz access in such a highly reclusive nation and society is highly limited to official channels for the most part, not to mention insisting that such seclusion is all the more necessary towards the Final Achievement and Perfection of the People-Centred Socialism founded solely upon its own people and resources.

Which probably sounds like something out of "Tea Party" prolefeed calling for the established socioeconomic model having to be destroyed so same can be rebuilt to new shapes of its own choosing.

Expect the more orthodox factions of the GOP and conservatism generally to start the "Heathering" campaigns on US Senator Rob Portman out of Ohio in the wake of his choosing to defy the party's line opposing same-gender marriage as a Threat to Morals, Decency and the Family and instead come out therefor, howbeit per the "states' rights" canard; his own son's acknowledging that he was, indeed, of the epicene persuasion compelled Sen. Portman to change his thinking in this regard. Which is enough to raise the question of where exactly the Holy Scriptures state that homophobia is as essential to the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as racism, anti-Semitism, nativism, jingoism and xenophobia--and how exactly such is interconnected to the Sovereignty of Our Dear Lovely Nation, as Ordained Solely by the Divine Will of Yahweh God.

Meanwhile, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), conservativism's annual Grand Sachem of developing and formulating Greater Conservatism's agenda for the year ensuing, prolefeed and otherwise, seems to have become all the more ill-sorted with weird and unwholesome types with Known and Knowing Associations to racists, White Christian Nationalists and homophobes of the highest order, many of the more blatant such expected to so address in its Luscious Glory of fanaticism and calls for mob rule rivalling Nazi Germany's depravities such as the 1938 Kristallnacht orgy of sadism and destruction against Jewish interests across Germany. (In the end, the regime assessed a collective penalty of 1.25 billion Reichsmarks against the Jewish community in the Grossdeutsche Reich for such bestial excesses.)

Something the forces of "Tea Party" Zealotry and True Belief need to remember from history, in line with George Santayana's famous maxim: In hearings before South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1995, as sought to bring forth the worst excesses of the apartheid regime and that wrought in its name and Luscious Glory, a high-ranking officer from the South African Police exposed the existance of a highly-secretive retreat near Pretoria known as Vlakplaas (Afrikaans for "level plains") that the South African Police used for recruiting rival Native tribal leaders into provoking disorder, insurrection and violence against rival Native communities which the regime could then manipulate and exploit for propaganda value to excuse the continued need for apartheid--even to the extent of offering arms and ammunition in aid and comfort therefor.

That officer was Gerry Coetzee, who died of cancer this past week at 57.

One Thing More: We'd love to see the courts establish as doctrine that such who declare themselves "sovereign citizens" as a show of anti-government protest (especially where a Luscious Glory of Racial and National Honour grounded in warped and misguided delusions of "patriot love," reinforced by Fear of Persecution, comes into play) should consider themselves, in line with International Law, as being "stateless persons."



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