18h UTC; SUNDAY, 24 MARCH 2013: In case you haven't heard by now, "Tea Party" True Believers in and among its rank-and-file have been advised to boycott Fox News Channel, otherwise seen as their One True and Credible Prolefeed Source, this weekend as a show of protest against their supposed and presumed "turn towards the liberal" ideologically. Which is enough to wonder whether there are likely to be other (in)credible prolefeed channels out there reflecting the "Tea Party" ideological line, even if it requires tuning to shortwave radio worldcasts.

But then again, I understand that Fox News and Fox Business are becoming big money drains for News AmeriKKKa Corporation, requiring essentially cross-subsidy from the ilk of the New York Post and 20th Century Fox studios just to stay afloat as advertisers start deflecting therefrom. Let's hope we hear about cable TV systems willingly dropping Fox News and replacing such with more responsible, more cosmopolitan even, news and information services. Preferably from offshore (e.g., BBC World News, France 24, DW-TV, NHK Global), the better to provide a truly "fair and balanced" perspective (as in getting us Real Americans to see what other nations are probably thinking of America for once).

With PayPal now starting to become accepted as an online payment conduit in more ways than one--as in mobile phone-based payment solutions and, thanks to an alliance with Discover Bank, retail point-of-sale acceptance in addition to traditional online-based payment models--has anybody considered harnessing the power and promise of QR code-based retailing to thus complement PayPal-driven mobile payments? (Especially so with Japan's "love hotel" industry, where checkin and checkout involve self-service kiosks for the most part. Or, for that matter, the whole innkeeping industry, for that matter, including "old school" such as deserve your patronage over the predictably-sterile "cookie-cutter" chains.)

Before you consider dumping your auld mobile phones or tablet PC's into the recycling ... check this resource out to discover how much tradeup value it may really have. And consider taking a mobile phone that's REALLY and TRULY global for once, especially where international travel, Japanese travel even, is important to your business and your emotional well-being (including satellite phones for instances where more conventional mobile phones may not exactly cut the mustard because of reception issues, terrain, &c.).

(Heads up here: Any clicks you make to retail-based links in this post, as much as those from the Online Mall, as translate into a purchase on your part will help towards reducing the American National Debt by way of Your Correspondent's commissions off said purchases. Now you know.)



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