15h42 UTC; SATURDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2012: What the field of GOP Presidential wannabes in Indecision 2012 (save for Ron Paul, whose energies were being expended on today's Maine Caucuses) may not be aware of (at least consciously) is the fact that, by their appearence yesterday before CPAC in "winning-hearts-and-minds" mode ahead of today's closing straw poll, they may have been giving unconscious aid and comfort to weird and unwholesome types with known connexions to Archie Bunker/Alf Garnett types serving as CPAC co-sponsors.

Hatewatch, the Southern Poverty Law Centre's blog, elaborates:
No guest better illustrates CPAC’s refreshed commitment to hard-line conservatism than Peter Brimelow, founder of VDARE, a race-baiting hate group that warns against the pollution of America by non-whites, Catholics, and Spanish-speaking immigrants. Brimelow, an unabashed white nationalist who argues that white Americans should demand U.S. immigration law be changed to allow in mostly whites, today participated in a CPAC panel on “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity.”

The panel was sponsored by ProEnglish, which wants to make English the official language of the U.S. In public, ProEnglish usually takes care to keep itself at arm’s length from the nativist movement’s more radical factions. In reality, however, the group is but one arm of a sprawling network of organizations founded and/or funded by John Tanton, architect of the modern anti-immigrant movement, among whose other projects are hate groups like The Social Contract Press and the Federation for American Immigration Reform. And Robert Vandervoort, ProEnglish’s recently appointed executive director, has deep ties to white nationalist hate groups: according to the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights (IERHR), while living in Illinois last decade he headed Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance (a white nationalist periodical helmed by racist ideologue Jared Taylor), and often held joint meetings with the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens.
The which, in any case, should be enough to have Messrs. Romney, Santorum and Gingrich called to task for giving indirect, tacit even, aid and comfort to bigotry, nativism, xenophobia and gross intolerance as can be excused to serve God and Country if and when asked to explain vis-a-vis their associations with CPAC as partner organisations. Not to mention asking them to Please Explain why they would speak at CPAC, unaware of CPAC's having racist, nativist and White Christian Nationalist partners to the extent of raising questions.


Meanwhile, in the arena of White Nationalism, kudos should be given such who compromised Stormfront.org, perhaps Teh Innerwebz' largest online bigot community, last weekend through a hacker attack as forced the site offline for an extended period (only returning in somewhat simplified form over recent days thanks to backups being resorted to).

Again, Hatewatch:
[A] previously unknown group, LulzFinancial, apparently posted a press release on Tuesday to a website called Briefingwire.com, a site that helps get press releases publicized. It’s a strangely written document that describes the group as having “mysteriously” appeared early this year and takes credits for hacking attacks on the Syrian government, the gay-bashing Westboro Baptist Church (which runs the Godhatesfags website), and Stormfront. The day of the release, dubbed “Tango Down Tuesday” in the document, was the day Stormfront apparently went down.

According to a story on another white supremacist website, White Reference, Stormfront began having some trouble over the weekend, posting a message saying that only registered members could post by signing in. Then, starting Wednesday, Stormfront reportedly posted a message saying that its discussion board was down for maintenance. Nevertheless, its “Donate” button continued to work.

White Reference criticized Black for doing a “[N4BSK]-poor job” of keeping its readers informed. And indeed, even as open discussion of the possible hacking began on Stormfront [Friday] afternoon, there was no comment on the matter from Black. Instead, someone posted a short story from Examiner.com that referenced the purported LulzFinancial press release.

LulzFinancial apparently has not been heard of before, but LulzSec is a well known anonymous hacker group that invaded, among other systems, the computers run by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The group reportedly helped launch other secret hack attack groups as well.

In recent months, a series of white supremacist organizations, both in the United States and Britain, have been attacked by anonymous hackers, some of whom have expressed anti-fascist sentiments. In several cases, information about members and friends of those groups has been publicized, much to their embarrassment. That has apparently not occurred in the case of Stormfront, at least not yet.
And let's just hope that, in case any Embarrassing Revelations ensue from the hack on Stormfront, such involves some prominent and powerful names in the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, its enablers among "the Four Hundred," and prominent conservative prolefeeders (especially such with connexions to Fox News Channel, Fox Business and syndciated talkback radio programmes)--especially where the nom d'Internet device is used in vainglorious attempt to maximise privacy and avoid scandal.


In a somewhat irrelevant vein, may Your Correspondent be kind enough to ask such Zealots and True Believers in the presumed defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaansse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" and its equally-presumed (at at once tenuous) interconnexion to Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Divinely-Allocated Peculiar Among the Nations whence they get the True Belief that the defence of said ekonomesie vryheid, &c., requires the defence of racism, sexism, xenophobic nativism ... not to mention a blind, hard-wired to the point of goodthinkful, even, acceptance and embrace of a "preemptive" (or so they think) Class Consciousness excusing Any Means Necessary to ensure its "spontaneous and wholehearted acceptance" among the Unwashed Masses?

(Especially if the tactics and methodology raise questions of posing psychological and emotional harm through the use of, among other potentially harmful such, a rather sick hybrid of Pavlovian conditioning and Scientology involving subliminal message tapes in the vein of the notorious, CIA-financed even, MK-ultra and MK-delta mind-control experiments out of McGill University in Montreal in the early 1960's.)


Don't expect the National Advertising Division (NAD), a partnership between the Council of Better Business Bureaux (for and on behalf of local affiliated Bureaux in the movement) and a consilium of leading advertising-industry trade groups which promotes healthy self-regulation of national brand advertising (with an affiliate thereof, the Children's Advertising Review Unit [CARU], entrusted to deal specifically with advertising as targets children), to take on complaints from conservative prolefeeders taking issue with Chrysler's much-acclaimed Super Bowl worldcast advert about its own rebirth being that of Detroit such as you may have heard about (as suggest, for one, that the ad "ignores certain imprtant facts" such as "the involvement of Chicago-style machine politics" as part of the Federal Government's 2008 rescue of Chrysler and General Motors).

Expect any such calls to be dismissed as being "false, frivolous, vexatious, tortious and/or lacking in credible substantiation," especially should it emerge that the "evidence" submitted in "substantiation" is little better than forgeries in the "Hitler Diaries" stylee. Forgeries made all the easier thanks to word-processing software which can produce high-quality forgeries guaranteed to fool even experts in forged and questionable documents into believing such are the real McCoy.

As if we had forgotten already how the mass-circulation German weekly magazine Stern wound up "punk'd" by the whole "Hitler Diaries" imbroglio (witness the cover of their April 25, 1983 number announcing "Hitler's Diaries Discovered," as above), effectively making "Hitler Diaries" a synonym for forgeries seeking to pervert the historical record for political or ideological ends vis-a-vis prolefeed value, you may or may not have heard that Fox News commentator Sean Hannity claimed to be in possession of evidence suggesting that had President Obama "had his way," in Meneer Hannity's words, "Osama bin-Laden would still be alive."

May I remind him and his Good and Loyal Drookies (or what pass for them) of the late Hank Greenspun's immortal challenge to Senator Joseph R. McCarthy in response to charges that the founder, editor and publisher of the upstart Las Vegas Sun was a "Communist" at a "patriotic rally" in the summer of 1952 (though it's been suggested that Sen. McCarthy, himself a rather infamous inebriate, may have meant to say "convict," only to go into lapsus linguae mode): "Show us your facts!" (Greenspun's Sun would be the first major gazetta to take Sen. McCarthy's excesses of "patriotic" anti-Communism and its byproducts to task, eventually to be picked up by the New York Post, The Capital Times of Madison, WI and the Milwaukee Journal in particular--even if it meant their being almost immediately labelled by "Tail-Gunner Joe" as "local editions of the Daily Worker [the then-gazetta of the Communist Party of the USA, since supplanted by the Daily World] or Pravda").

So what would preclude us "Real Americans" from telling Meneer Hannity to "show us your facts!" in respect of his aforementioned claims, and stop playing the "persecuted victim" canard? (For starters, may I suggest a polite, carefully-phrased e-mail to hannity@foxnews.com reminding him of his claim, and urging him to show the goods, as well as proof of their authenticity from a well-known and generally-recognised organisation specialist in researching forged and questionable documents ... and reminding him of the "Hitler Diaries" imbroglio and its byproducts for the sake of precedent. Alternately, if he's unable to produce the goods, insist on his providing a logical explanation as to what prevents his disclosure at the present time; no patsies or runaround. Enquiring Minds NEED to KNOW!, to paraphrase the National Enquirer's slogan from the late 1970's; please to tell Hannity as much.)


Whither Entrecard? Over the last couple of days or so, Your Correspondent, in common, perhaps, with pretty much the greater community in the traffic swap scheme therefrom, has experienced all form and fashion of problems in same, including claims that their widget scanner tool couldn't detect the Entrecard widget for some reason or another (which persisted even with requests for "pinging" the same into action, followed by advice to "please check back in five minutes") and general site access issues epitomised by the error alert "Entrecard is experiencing technical issues" displaying when attempting to drop cards or otherwise buy exposure with Entrecredits, its ur-currency.

So much so, in fact, that I was able to call its administrator (as listed in its "whois" record, itself public record) no less than four times (one of which required my leaving a message on its voxmail account) to explain circumstances ensuing, with pledges made in the three live calls that its technical support team would continue to be notified and reminded to check what exactly is at fault.

And with some wondering how much longer Entrecard can continue in its current form, I, for one, have to wonder if there are actually extant decent "free-no-cost" traffic-swap services which may need to be looked into, considered even, in case Entrecard is resigned to giving up the ghost. Which may be an uphill task, what with Adgitize winding up its business (hence, those of you still with Adgitize widgets will please remove them posthaste) and I myself being leery of the dubious and the questionable (especially absent credible, impartial review sites for traffic-swap schemes to my knowledge; hence, you readers may want to help me in this respect).

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