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18h45 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 22 JANUARY 2014: Your Correspondent understands that Russia's state security agencies are now looking for three "black widow" suicide bomber wannabes seeking to disrupt the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi by hoping for martyrdom as seeks to avenge the deaths of their husbands by the aforementioned security agencies--and, by extension, the deaths of Muslims at the hands of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in the misguided ur-RAHOWA Against International Terrorism.

Which makes you wonder how much longer it'll be before certain "Bible-Believing" Christian Zealots and True Believers seek to emulate Muslim suicide-bombers in the name of payback for Real or Imminent Persecution of Bible-Believing Christians in Thy Dear and Lovely Land, unaware that the claims of supposed "persecution" are unsubstantiated for the most part.

Marathon Oil's current TV commercials love to present themselves as "Fuelling the AmeriKKKan Spirit" with a rather sappy, "feel-good" appeal to God, Country and Ekonomesie Vryheid met Amerikaanse Eisnskappe (especially so its being AmeriKKKan Owned as opposed to other major petroleum companies like BP, Shell, Valero, Lukol, Citgo and Total) ... but is it possible that what they're concealing here is the prospect of Marathon contributing part of its profits under "social responsibility" initiatives to "Tea Party," "9/12," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike causes whose articles of faith actually enganders Our National Character and Identity?

And who exactly was it who said that "when Fascism comes to America, it will be draped in the flag and carrying the cross"? (Huey "Kingfish" Long and Sinclair Lewis are both attributed with these words.)

No wonder Westboro Baptist Church wants nothing less than to exploit the current Northeast Corridor blizzard (dubbed unofficially as "Janus" by The Weather Channel) for their inevitable prolefeed misadventures as insist that Yahweh God is displeased at Thy Dear and Lovely Nation, Rightful Heir to Apartheid South Africa's Claim to the Title of "God's Own Country," condoning homosexuality and tolerance generally. Such, if anything, speaks volumes for contempt of science (especially the meterological such) in the name of their closed-minded Christian Worldview.

So much for Toronto Mayor (howbeit In Title Only) Rob Ford's Categorical Pledge to seek treatment for Addiction and Enslavement to Al Cohol: A new video has surfaced showing His (Titular) Honour appearing to be in Tipium Grove and speaking in a whining-sounding Jamaican accent (the video, know, may contain offensive material):

"The infinite prosperity of the universe belongs to all," as a rather blatant example of "Five Reports"-stylee chain letter from a few years back claimed in English, French and Spanish. Unfortunately, such a message may be a little too glowing for such deemed "chronically government-dependent" and, hence, expected to accept any offer of employment laid before them--even if it means "work-from-home" and "work online" schemes taking advantage of socioeconomic uncertainty and dislocation for carpetbagger profiteering, all along unlikely to produce anything remotely resembling bona fide "employment" as per the meaning captured standard.

Which is especially important when it comes to those "home mailing" offers from time to time which essentially are nothing more than an "endless belt" scam in that--
  1. You're expected to take out essentially the same stylee of want-ad that you responded to in the first place, preferably in recyclable "pennysaver/shopper"-type gazettas targeting especially culturally-deprived environments; and
  2. You're expected to send out in reply to what few enquiries come in (at least before the Postal Inspection Service intervenes) the same stylee of flyer you got in reply to your original enquiry, making essentially the same claims as above.
Likewise with "gifting clubs" presented as a "people-centred alternative to State welfare," likewise targeting the "government-dependent" (and with advice to essentially repeat the same as per the "Send-A-Dime" chain letters of the mid-1930's on which these are based, come to think of it).

In any case, replete with glowing generalities as tend to creating false or misleading expectations among the targeted, especially in states under "Tea Party" religiopolitical influence where the promised job creation failed to seriously materialise. Case in point:

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