19h45 UTC; FRIDAY, 24 JANUARY 2014: Your Correspondent deems it essential to bring up at this time a Message of Vital Importance with respect to his Innerwebz interconnexion, and then some:

In case you're not aware of the news by now, Microsoft's support on the WindowsXP operating system on which my longtime computer runs will end on April 8th--a little over two month from now, per the calendar. Which means essentially having to start again, in a way, with my computer (mis)adventures, perhaps requiring a new PC as runs Windows Vista or Windows 7, for which support is continuing for the moment. (Howbeit a reused one more than likely as has been wiped and rebuilt, with some essential components on my current PC reinstalled.)

One reason that I'm likely to have to go with a new PC (especially so with prices starting to come down on desktop and laptop such) is because the computer I have--a Gateway e Series which was gifted me by Winona State University in the fall of 2007--is probably too outdated to have at least Windows Vista retrofitted onto same without incurring substantial expense as opposed to buying a quasi-new such from a local computer shop, in line with advice from Mein Innkeeper Friend.

In any event, Mein Innkeeper Friend and I are planning consultations with a couple of local IT experts to see what would be the best course of action before proceeding to ensure as seamless and cost-efficient a transfer of my online experience to Vista or 7 before WindowsXP essentially goes dark just before Easter (which is April 20th this year, know).

Hence, my somewhat hesitant desire to ask of you to help me out with the cost of this transition, which is likely to be around $500 or so when you figure in the PC, the flash drive (for transferring the programmes from old to new) and maybe some accessories (e.g., in the case of a laptop PC, something on the order of a cooling stand to better ventilate said laptop, whose fans are on the bottom); I say "hesitant" inasmuch as Mein Innkeeper Friend is of the view of "own resources first; charity as a last resort" when it comes to major purchases in this vein. (Especially so considering that my kith and kin are rather hesitant to help out in view of limited resources on their own themselves.)

With that as backdrop, Your Correspondent would appreciate your donating what you can spare via my PayPal account through the "Donate" button as appears off to the side of the page, near the top, towards this next phase of my online experience. It may not exactly be crowdfunding, but I think such help as you could give in this effort, no matter how nominal, would be appreciated. In fact, the sooner I can get a decent used PC (especially a laptop, as can sell rather quickly for some reason or another) with Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed before April 8th, the better.

If you could share this appeal with your friends, such would help things all the more for moi.

What will happen NEXT?!
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