00h UTC; THURSDAY, 4 APRIL 2013: Talk about chivalry from within the Capital Beltway, and then some: As a show of solidarity with United States Government workers let go in consequence of sequestration, both American President Barack Obama and Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel have announced their giving back 5% of their annual salaries to the Treasury. Let it be hoped that other members of the President's Cabinet follow suit within measurable distance.

Not to mention shopping our Online Mall, knowing where 9.11% of the commissions that Your Correspondent can generate from your online purchases off same will go towards Reduction of the American National Debt (as if you needed Good Reason to shop online in the first place).

Honestly: Does America really need anything on the order of a Volkskongres op die
Amerikaanse Kulturele Identiteit (Afrikaans, know, for "People's Congress on American Cultural Identity") dominated mostly by "Tea Party," Christian Right and White Nationalist types, itself modelled on the Volkskongres concept used by the Afrikaner Broederbond down South Africa way to establish Afrikaner Nationalist positions on such issues as "the Mother Tongue," "poor whiteism," labour issues and the "unhealthy cities" issue vis-a-vis migration of rural Afrikaners to the cities to find work at the risk of Serious Moral Lapse and Harm?

Especially one meeting in camera for the most part, its Proceedings being the only way "REAL AmeriKKKa" will know such actually occured ... and, more than likely, being heavy on the latent anti-Semitic platitudes and canards about "unhealthy and disproportionate Jewish influence and control" over the entertainment industry common to such "patriotic" Dregs of Society, to be countered by an insistence that the ideal Amerikanischer Leikultur worthy of being so styled sees Branson's so-called "music shows" as the defining standard and acid-test in its collective Luscious Glory of insisting that White Cultural Identity is essentially AmeriKKKan Cultural (as much as National and Sovereign) Identity. That, and insisting also that such be "lifelike, easy to understand and based on the premise of a great upsurge" of support for the "Tea Party" line. Otherwise, devoid of any serious or viable details beyond simple platitudes.

Staying with "Tea Party" ideology for the nonce, a key article of faith therefor calls for "complete and final" reductions in the numbers of those "habitually dependent upon government" through Dianetically-modelled "reeducation" and "mind control" initiatives expected to see especially those in such subpopulations traditionally unable to find work "for reasons other than because of illness, incapacity or disability" to "wholeheartedly" embrace ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as their Last and Only Hope from Themselves. Especially by insisting that said subpopulations are in "clear and compelling need" of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., to "free themselves from prolonged enslavement to the government" as "brainwashed such into embracing Communism, Socialism and other un-AmeriKKKan ideologies and belief-systems***incompatible with Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations."

One likely approach: Through State-sponsored "mentoring" of targeted "welfare basket cases" into dubious "multi-level marketing" schemes of the Amway Global/Herbalife/SFI/Usana Health Sciences/YTB-Your Travel Biz/NuSkin model whose payment model favours building downline over selling bona fide products or services, especially where "forced spillover" is expected. That, and mandatory "front-loading" of overpriced inventory as opposed to "drop-shipping" (in which the representative takes orders as are then shipped directly to the purchaser). Remember, boys and girls, "it's YOUR money! YOUR choices! YOUR future!!" as are coming into play here, and with corrupt and dishonest potential ensuing (especially where Indecision 2014 prolefeed comes into the equation).

How much longer before especially discount airlines in our "morally superior" society and socioeconomic model start embracing what Samoa Air has just introduced on its international services of pricing passengers based on body weight, never mind their fleet being Britten Norman BN2A and Cessna 172 turboprops?

For our friends of the "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" bent, it's emerged that China's seeing a new and yet heretofore unknown strain of the avian flu (strain H7N9, to be exact) as has, to date, caused three deaths across China and sickened nine others. That, and causing inexplicable media panic. (Did I mention this news broke on the ten-year anniversary of the SARS virus outbreak as eventually killed 349 across China and some 300 others in Hong Kong?)

Meanwhile, CCTV commentator Yang Yu observed in his Weibo microblog (via BBC News):
Ten years ago, the lesson learned in fighting SARS was: The greatest enemy is not the virus, but covering up the truth; the best medicine is not steroids, but transparency and trust.
As if the danger of H7N9 wasn't sensationalistic enough, the H5N1 bird flu virus (as was also first discerned ten years back), itself transmitted by contact with infected poultry, has killed 360 people worldwide and tens of millions of poultry. Worse yet, many vaccines as deal with avian flu are ineffective against H5N1 and, for all we know, H7N9, whose cause of transmission is being researched inasmuch as no contact with infected poultry was discerned in any of the known cases thereof.

Something Your Correspondent would love to see when it comes to dealing with "cliffhanger"-type scenes leaving much to be desired in especially mystery and "potboiler"-type cartoons of the Scooby-Doo model: To maximise the suspense while concurrently catching unsuspecting audiences (especially in the Lower Classes) off their guard, when the suspense gets a little too hot to handle further, I'd cut it off and quick-switch things to some classic specimen of sign-off message such as are archived in YouTube ... or, better still, an infomercialesque piece about some online radio station serving the cause of Wisconsin Dells in the vein of when WDLS-AM was Your Vacation Station, with a more broad and lively mix (think Radio Luxembourg in the day).



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